Welcome to HarmanResearch.com

Welcome to Harman Research

Harman Research Inc (HRI), was formed as a Corporation in January 1996 in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA. In 1999 the company moved the headquarters to Boulder, Colorado USA.

We are and information technology company that has been working it the IT industry since 1983. So I guess that is years now. First programming on a IBM System 3 Model 10 mini computer with 96 column cards. From the looks of the wikipedia link , this machine was first built in 1969.

Today we are using Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle RAC, MySQL , PHP and ColdFusion , redhat , vmware Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 , to get our work done. Much easier than 96 column punch cards of the past.

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HRI is a Computer Database and Operating System Consulting Company but has interests in travel and sports too. We have set-up sub sites for Oracle , SQL Server , Sun Solaris Unix , New Zealand Holiday/Vacation , Stopping Junk Mail , and Lacrosse .

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