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Stop Junk Mail. Sign Up To Stop Catalogs, Magazines, Direct mail or other unwanted and unneeded junk mail coming via the post office

Stop the following Junk Mail, Catalogs, Direct Marketing

Go to The Stop The Junk Mail service which allows users to selectively remove themselves from retail catalog mailing lists, magazine, direct mail and other unwanted and unneeded junk mail. Since a variety of catalogs bombard us at different times of the year with junk mail, users pay  for a one-year, unlimited use membership to stop junk mail. The membership allows users to make unlimited site visits to stop junk mail and cancel catalog solicitations.

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Stop Junk Mail

Once one finishes selecting catalogs to stop and junk mail to stop, they proceed to " checkout" where basic credit card information is provided and a charge is assessed. Subsequent visits are free for one year.

Ones privacy is paramount on the site while stopping junk mail. Information is transmitted via secure server and credit card information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption software. Credit card information is purged from our systems as soon as legally permissible. User information necessary for repeat visits to stop junk mail is stored on our secure servers. User information that stop junk mail on the site is neither sold nor distributed to any third party other than the catalog companies from which the user has requested mailing list removal or stopping junk mail.

Stop The Junk

Once a user elects to stop a catalog, stop junk mail, or stop direct marketing, the purveyor is sent a legally drafted " Mailing List Removal Notice" pursuant to United States Code 39 U.S.C. ÔŅĹ3008 . Also the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act went into affect in July 1st 2001. The company has 75 days to comply, after which, the user may re-access the site and generate a " Second Notice" to stop junk mail Second notices to stop junk mail carry with them a higher penalty for failure to comply under the United States Post Office Prohibitory Notice regulations. We expect virtually all catalog companies to comply with first notices to stop junk mail. Given the penalties for improper solicitation, any failures that do occur will likely be due to clerical mistakes rather than mal-intent.

Below are list of Companies that are available to stop:

Stop Junk Mail For Catalogs U-Z:

Click here to stop junk mail for a year

     U View 
     U.S. Box Corporation 
     U.S. Cavalry 
     U.S. Health Club 
     U.S. Pharmacopoeial Convention 
     Uberti USA 
     Ulla Popken 
     Ulta Salon-Cosmetics-Fragrances 
     Ultima Cases 
     Ultimate Outlet 
     Ultimate Protection 
     Ultimate Systems, Limited 
     Uncle Dan's Camping & Travel 
     Underwater Photo-Tech 
     Unicover Corporation 
     Uniform City 
     Union Pen Company 
     United Communications 
     United Society of Shakers 
     United Way Catalog 
     Unity Manufacturing Company 
     Universal Color Slide Company 
     Universal Radio 
     Universe Collection 
     UPCO-United Pharmacal Company 
     Uptown Rubber Stamps 
     Urban Angler 
     Urban Archaeology 
     Urban Farmer Store 
     Ursa Major Corporation 
     USF International 
     Usinger's Famous Sausage 
     Utensils for the Epicure 
     Utex Trading Enterprises 
     Utrecht Art & Drafting Supply 
     V.I.E.W. Video 
     Val Direct 
     Valencia Collection 
     Valley Cove Ranch 
     Valley of the Sun Publishing 
     Van Bourgondien 
     Van Dyck's Flower Farm 
     Van Dyke 
     Van Engelen, Inc 
     Van Well Nursery 
     Vanguard Crafts 
     Vanilla, Saffron Imports 
     Vanity Fair - Jewelry 
     Vanity Fair Diamonds & Fine Jewelry 
     Vans Pines Nursery 
     Varsity Spirit Corporation 
     VBT Bicycling Vacations 
     Veldheer Tulip Gardens 
     Velvet Creme Popcorn Company 
     Velvet's Best 
     Venus Swimwear 
     Vermont Castings 
     Vermont Country Store (The) 
     Vermont Industries 
     Vermont Life Catalog 
     Vermont Log Buildings 
     Vermont Outdoor Furniture 
     Veteran Leather Corporation 
     Veteran's Caning Shop 
     Vic's Time 
     Victor Litz Music Center 
     Victorian Bride 
     Victorian Collectibles Limited 
     Victorian Lightcrafters Limited 
     Victorian Millworks Company 
     Victorian Paper Co. 
     Victorian Trading Co. 
     Victoria's Secret 
     Victory Glass 
     Video Age Inc. 
     Video Collection 
     Video Cum Laude 
     Video Mail 
     Video Project 
     Video Yesteryear 
     Videos for Kids 
     Viking Import House 
     Viking Office Products 
     Village Bake Shoppe 
     Village Coin Shop 
     Village Furniture House 
     Village Software 
     Vintage Motorphoto 
     Virginia Diner 
     Virginia Mustang Supply 
     Virginia Traditions 
     Vision Resources 
     Visual Education 
     Visual Sound Company 
     Vita Mix 
     Vital Signs 
     Vitamin Research Products 
     Vitamin Shoppe 
     Vitamin Trader 
     Vixen Hill Gazebos 
     Viziflex Seels Computer Protection Prod. 
     Voice of Mountains 
     Volleyball One Sales Company 
     Voltarc Technologies 
     Volunteer State Chevy Parts 
     Vose Galleries of Boston 
     W. Fagan Antique Arms & Armor 
     W.A. Charnstrom Company 
     W.C. Russell Moccasin Company 
     W.D. Lockwood & Company 
     W.L. Fuller Catalog 
     W.M. Berg 
     W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company 
     W.S. Wells & Son 
     Walden Foods 
     Walker Mowers 
     Walking News 
     Wall Rug & Carpet 
     Wally Findlay Gallery 
     Walnut Acres Farms 
     Walnut Acres Organic Farms 
     Walpole Woodworkers 
     Walt Disney Catalog 
     Walter Craig 
     Walter Drake 
     Walter Drake Incorporated 
     Walter T. Kelley Company 
     Walthers Scale Reference Book 2000 
     War Eagle Mill Product & Gift Catalog 
     Ward Log Homes 
     Ward's Natural Science Catalogs 
     Warehouse Carpets 
     Warehouse.com (Microwarehouse) 
     Warmoth Guitar Products 
     Warner Brothers Studio Stores 
     Warren Miller Productions 
     Wasp Archery Products 
     Wasserman Uniforms 
     Watch Depot Shop-At-Home 
     Watch Works 
     Water Visions 
     Waterford Gardens 
     Watkin's Aviation 
     Wave One 
     Wavecrest Nursery 
     Wax Orchards 
     Wayfarer Publishing 
     Wayne's Woods, Hardware Division 
     Wayside Gardens 
     WD-40 Company 
     WearGuard Corporation 
     Weather Affects 
     Weather Vanes 
     Weaver Leather 
     Wedding Fantastic 
     WE-DU Nurseries 
     Weed Bandit Tools 
     Weiss Brothers Nursery 
     Wells Interiors 
     Well-Sweep Herb Farm 
     Wel-No-Nah Canoes 
     Wendy Dale 
     Wersi Music Center 
     West Marine 
     West Rindge Baskets 
     Westcoast Discount Video 
     Western Natural Products 
     Western Rubber & Supply 
     Western Sling & Supply Company 
     Western Trails 
     Western Vitamins & Health Products 
     Westfield Farm Capri Cheese 
     West-Tex Collectibles 
     Whales & Friends 
     What Brings Them In 
     What on Earth 
     Whatever Works 
     What's New for Home & Auto 
     Wheaton Science Products 
     Whistling Wings Farm 
     White Flower Farm 
     Whitechapel Limited 
     White's Outdoor 
     Whitman Farms 
     Whitman Saddle Manufacturing Company 
     Whitney Gardens & Nursery 
     Whittemore-Durgin Glass Company 
     Who Wants to Be A Mustardaire 
     Whole Life Products 
     Whole Pet, Naturally! 
     Whole Work Catalog 
     Whole World Language Catalog 
     Wholesale Car Care Products 
     Wholesale Tool 
     Wholesale Veterinary Supply 
     Who's Smarter, You or the Birds? 
     Wicker Warehouse 
     Wicklein's Water Gardens 
     Wick's Aircraft Supply 
     Wig America 
     Wild Wings Collection 
     Wild Women Enterprises 
     Wilderness Press 
     Wilderness Travel 
     Wildlife Lithographs 
     Wildlife Supply 
     Wildlife Supply Company 
     Wildwood Gardens 
     Wileswood Country Store 
     Wilke Machinery Company 
     Wilkens-Anderson Company 
     Will Gorges Civil War 
     Will Kirkpatrick Shorebird Decoys 
     Will Moses 
     William B. Hugg Swimwear & Accessories 
     William Poll's Gourmet Shop 
     Williamsburg Blacksmiths 
     Williams-Sonoma for Cooks 
     Willow Ridge 
     Willowisp Press 
     Willy Works 
     Wilshire Mail Order Books 
     Wind & Weather 
     Wind in the Rigging 
     Windecor Window Tile 
     Windjammer Seachest 
     Windoware (Smith & Noble) 
     Windsor Collection 
     Windsor Collections 
     Windsor Gift Shop 
     Windsor Vineyards 
     Wine & All That Jazz 
     Wine & Food Library 
     Wine Appreciation Guild Store 
     Wine Enthusiast (The) 
     Wine Lab 
     Winfield Collection 
     Winfield Collection 
     Wing Supply 
     Winn Devon Fine Art Collection 
     Winsryg Corporation 
     Winter Silks 
     Wireless Driveway Alarm 
     Wisconsin Fishing Company 
     Wisconsin Log & Cedar Homes 
     Wisconsin Pottery 
     Wissota Trader 
     Wolverine Sports for Kids 
     Wood & Parts for Classic Pickups 
     Wood Classics, Inc. 
     Wood Factory 
     Wood Forms 
     Wood Violet Books 
     Wood Window Workshop 
     Woodbine House 
     Woodbury Pewterers 
     Woodcraft Supply Corporation 
     Wooden Boat Shop 
     Wooden Soldier (The) 
     WoodenBoat Store 
     Woodland Books 
     Woodland Hills Camera 
     Woods of Windsor Home Shopping Book 
     Woodturners Catalog 
     Woodwind & Brasswind 
     Woodworker's Choice 
     Woodworker's Supply 
     Woodworkers Tool Works 
     Wool Gathering 
     Worden System 
     Workers Choice Catalog 
     Working Library 
     Working Smarter 
     Working Smarter 
     Works Performance 
     World Around Songs 
     World Book's Adventures for Children 
     World Currency 
     World in Stitches 
     World Of Products 
     World Products 
     World Records Group 
     World Wide Aquatics 
     World's Rarest Records 
     Worldwide Cigar Club 
     Worldwide Games 
     Worldwide Treasure Bureau 
     Worm's Way 
     Wrenwood of Berkeley Springs 
     Wrestler's Express 
     Wrestling One Sales Company 
     Wright Brothers Collection 
     Write Touch (The) 
     Writers Digest/North Light/Betterway 
     WSU Creamery 
     Wyco Sales 
     Wynnco Enterprises 
     Wyoming River Raiders 
     X Laboratories 
     Xandria Collection 
     X-Strap Fitness Products 
     Yahoo Internet Life 
     Yakima Bait 
     Yale Sportswear 
     Yankee Pride 
     Yarn Paradise 
     Yazoo Mills 
     Year One 
     Yes! Books & Videos 
     Yield House 
     YLSI Technology Data Manual 
     Yoga Lines 
     York Spiral Stair 
     Young Design 
     Young Naturalist Company 
     Young Pecan Plantations 
     Zapp's Potato Chips 
     Zell Bros 
     Zellweger Analytics 
     Zephyr Services 
     Zero Gravity 
     Zeta Music Systems 
     Zierick Manufacturing 
     Zinsel Company 
     Zip Power Parts 
     Zipporah Films 

Click here to stop junk mail for a year

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