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Stop Junk Mail. Sign Up To Stop Catalogs, Magazines, Direct mail or other unwanted and unneeded junk mail coming via the post office

Stop the following Junk Mail, Catalogs, Direct Marketing

Go to PaperKarma Stop The Junk Mail service which allows users to selectively remove themselves from retail catalog mailing lists, magazine, direct mail and other unwanted and unneeded junk mail. Since a variety of catalogs bombard us at different times of the year with junk mail, users pay  for a one-year, unlimited use membership to stop junk mail. The membership allows users to make unlimited site visits to stop junk mail and cancel catalog solicitations.

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Stop Junk Mail

Once one finishes selecting catalogs to stop and junk mail to stop, they proceed to "checkout" where basic credit card information is provided and a charge is assessed. Subsequent visits are free for one year.

Ones privacy is paramount on the site while stopping junk mail. Information is transmitted via secure server and credit card information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption software. Credit card information is purged from our systems as soon as legally permissible. User information necessary for repeat visits to stop junk mail is stored on our secure servers. User information that stop junk mail on the site is neither sold nor distributed to any third party other than the catalog companies from which the user has requested mailing list removal or stopping junk mail.

Stop The Junk

Once a user elects to stop a catalog, stop junk mail, or stop direct marketing, the purveyor is sent a legally drafted "Mailing List Removal Notice" pursuant to United States Code 39 U.S.C. ÔŅĹ3008 . Also the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act went into affect in July 1st 2001. The company has 75 days to comply, after which, the user may re-access the site and generate a "Second Notice" to stop junk mail Second notices to stop junk mail carry with them a higher penalty for failure to comply under the United States Post Office Prohibitory Notice regulations. We expect virtually all catalog companies to comply with first notices to stop junk mail. Given the penalties for improper solicitation, any failures that do occur will likely be due to clerical mistakes rather than mal-intent.

Below are list of Companies that are available to stop:

Stop Junk Mail For Catalogs R-T:

Click here to stop junk mail for a year

     R & R Mill Company 
     R&M Retail Merchandising Products 
     R&M Yarns 
     R.B. Swan & Son 
     R.C. Sales & Manufacturing 
     R.C.Steele Pet Suppliers 
     Race Style Sportswear 
     Racer Walsh Company 
     Racer Wholesale 
     Rachel Perry Company 
     Rachel's Children's Wear 
     Rackes Direct 
     Radiator Specialty Company 
     Rae's Harness Shop 
     Rail Travel Press 
     Rain Shed 
     Rainbo Sport Shops 
     Rainbow Art Glass 
     Rainbow Racing System 
     Rainforest Flora 
     Raintree Nursery 
     Ralmike's Toolarama 
     Ralph Sechler & Son 
     Ralph's Packing Company 
     Ramsey Outdoor 
     Rand Material Handling Equipment Company 
     Rand McNally 
     Rand/Robinson Engineering 
     Ranger Boat 
     Rappaport Exhibits 
     Rare Coin Review 
     Rare Earth Hardwood 
     Raritan Engineering Company 
     Rasland Farm 
     Raven Maps & Images 
     Raven Maps and Images 
     Raven's Nest Herbals 
     Rawlings Sporting Goods 
     Raybuck Autobody Parts 
     Rayburn Musical Instrument Company 
     Reade Advanced Materials 
     Real Goods Trading Corporation 
     Rebecca-Ruth Candies 
     Rebechini Studios 
     Record-Rama Sound Archives 
     Records International 
     Recycled Software 
     Red Cooper 
     Red Devil 
     Red Envelope 
     Red Hill Corporation 
     Red Wing Outdoor Innovators 
     Reddick Enterprises 
     Rediscover Music Catalogue 
     Red's Rhodies 
     Redwood City Seed Company 
     Reelcraft Industries 
     Regal Engineering 
     Reggio Register Company 
     Register & Grille Manufacturing Company 
     Regitar USA 
     Rego Irish Records and Tapes 
     Rejuvenation Lamp & Fixture Company 
     Relay Specialties 
     Reliable Home Office 
     Reliable Home Office 
     Reliable Office Supplies 
     Reliable Racing Winter Sports 
     Reliance Plastics and Packaging 
     Remarkable Products 
     Remington Industries 
     Remote Power Systems 
     Rent Mother Nature 
     Repeat-O-Type Manufacturing Corporation 
     Replacements Incorporated 
     Replicas by Tyson Special Products 
     REPP Big & Tall 
     Repro Masters 
     Research Press 
     Resource One 
     Resource Publications 
     Resources for Garden Based Education 
     Restoration Hardware 
     Restoration Products 
     Restoration Specialties & Supply 
     Restoration Works 
     Restored Classic Collection 
     Revere Products 
     Reviva Labs 
     Rhythm Band Instruments 
     Rich Rewards 
     Richard Fitch, Old Maps, Prints & Books 
     Richard the Thread 
     Richard Young Products 
     Richlee Shoe Company 
     Rick's First Generation Camaro Parts & Accessories 
     Rick's Movie Graphics 
     Ride America 
     Ridge Carbide Tool Company 
     Right Start (The) 
     Rio Grande Tools & Equipment 
     Rip Off Press 
     Risdon Rigs 
     Rising Sun Farms 
     River Bend Farm & Country Store 
     River Junction Trade Company 
     River Odysseys West 
     Riverbend Catalog Company 
     Riverbend Nursery 
     Rivertown Trading Company 
     R-K Electronics 
     RMS Technology 
     Road Runner Sports 
     Roadster Factory 
     Robin & Russ Catalog of Weaving Supplies 
     Robinson's Harp Shop 
     Robinson's Wallcoverings 
     Rochester Big and Tall 
     Rock Spray Nursery 
     Rockland Colloid Corporation 
     Rockler Woodworking & Hardware 
     Rocky Mountain Connection 
     Rocky Mountain Sheepskin 
     Rocky Top Farms 
     Rod McLellan Company 
     Rod's Western Palace 
     Roger C. Ott 
     Roger's USA 
     Rohrer Seeds 
     Roloff Anchors 
     Romanoff Cavier 
     Room & Board 
     Room for Kids (Sears) 
     Roots & Rhythm Newsletter 
     Rose Electronics 
     Rose Records 
     Rosemary House & Garden 
     Roses of Thomasville 
     Roses of Yesterday & Today 
     Roslyn Nursery 
     Ross Marine Ideas 
     Rossi Pasta 
     Roswell Seed Company 
     Rotary International Club Supplies 
     Rotocast Plastic Products 
     Rounder Mail Order 
     Rowe Pottery Works 
     Roy L. Hoffman & Sons 
     Royal River Roses 
     Royal Robbins 
     Royal-Athena Galleries 
     RP & Company 
     Rubber Parts for Classic Cars 
     Rubber Stamps of America 
     Rubens and Marble 
     Rue de France 
     Rugby & Soccer Supply/Godek Rugby 
     Rupp Seeds 
     Russell for Men 
     Rutland Tool & Supply Company 
     RWS Wire & Cable 
     RX-Data-Pac Service 
     Rynne China Company 
     S&B Marine 
     S&H Uniforms Corporation 
     S&S Best of the Best 
     S&S Mills Carpet 
     S&S Prime Life 
     S. Morantz 
     S. Scherer & Sons Aquatic Gardens 
     Sabaki Challenge 
     SAFE Collecting Systems 
     Safe Specialities 
     Sailor's Tailor 
     Saks Fifth Avenue Folio for the Home 
     Salt Lick General Store 
     Sampling Catalog 
     Samuel Weiser 
     Samuels Tennisport 
     San Francisco Herb Company 
     San Francisco Music Box Company 
     San Francisco Victoriana 
     San Sun 
     Sandy's Mastectomy Boutique 
     Santa Barbara Heirloom Nursery 
     Santa Barbara Orchid Estate 
     Santa Fe School of Cooking and Market 
     San-Val Discount 
     Sarabeth's Kitchen 
     Sarah's Basket 
     Sassy Sayings by Abel 
     Saunders Archery 
     Saunier-Wilhelm Company 
     Savory's Gardens 
     Sax Family & Consumer Science 
     SBS Product Cataloge 
     Scandia Woods 
     Scapa Precision Belts 
     Scarecrow Press 
     Schacht Spindle Company 
     Schnees Boots & Shoes 
     Scholar's Bookshelf 
     Scholastic Software 
     Schoolmasters Science 
     Schoolmasters Science Company 
     Schreiners Gardens 
     Schweitzer Linen 
     Schweizer Aircraft Corporation 
     Science & Art Products 
     Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories 
     Science Source 
     Scientific Sales 
     Scientific Systems 
     Scientifics Catalog 
     Scope City 
     Scorpio Discount Records, Tapes & CD's 
     Scotch House Sweaters from Scotland 
     Scotsman Coin 
     Scott Resources 
     Scottish Lion Import Shop 
     Scott's Book Shop 
     Scott's Dog Supply 
     Scully & Scully 
     Sculpture in Contemporary Garden 
     SDV Vitamins 
     Sea Bear 
     Sears Automotive Parts & Accessories 
     Seattle Manufacturing Corporation 
     Second Renaissance Books 
     Secret Cellars Wine Club 
     Security Chain Company 
     Seed Research of Oregon 
     Seed Savers Exchange 
     Seeds of Change 
     Seedway Commercial Vegetable Seed 
     Seeling Custom Finishes 
     Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company 
     Seirus Innovative Accessories 
     Select Seeds 
     Senor Murphy Santa Fe Candymaker 
     Sensational Beginnings 
     Sensational Designs in Sterling Silver 
     Sensory Aids Resource Guide 
     Sequoia Nursery/Moore Miniature Roses 
     Serrv Handcrafts 
     Servant & Company Catalog 
     Service Merchandise 
     Seventh Avenue 
     Sewin' in Vermont 
     Sewing Sampler Productions 
     Sexy Shoes 
     Seyco Fine Foods 
     Shades of Light 
     Shady Oaks Nursery 
     Shaker Shops West 
     Shakuhachi Source Book 
     Shaler Company 
     Shamrock Leathers 
     Shamrock Pens 
     Shannon Duty Free Mail Order 
     Shannon Luminous Materials 
     Shar Products Company 
     Sharper Image 
     Shaw & Tenney 
     Sheffield's Seed Company 
     Shelburne Farms 
     Shepard Iris Garden 
     Sherard Plantation 
     Sherman Specialty Company 
     Sherry Lehmann 
     Sheshunoff Information Services 
     Shield's Date Gardens 
     Shinn Fu Company of America 
     Ship to Shore 
     Ships Chandler 
     Shirley Pewter Shop 
     Shoe Craft 
     Shoe Shack 
     Shoes for Crews 
     Shooters Lab Flash Photo 
     Shopsmith Tool Catalog 
     Short Sizes 
     Shortridge Instruments 
     Show Your Pride 
     Shutter Shop 
     Sibley Industries 
     Siegel Display Products 
     Sierra Solar Systems 
     Sierra Trading Post 
     Sigma Corporation 
     Silk Trading Company 
     Silkpaint Corporation 
     Silvaseed Company 
     Silver Queen 
     Silverbrook Fiber Arts 
     Simmons Pure Soaps 
     Simple Addition 
     Simply Southwest by Mail 
     Simpson & Vail 
     Sincerely Yours 
     Sinclair's Mini-Auto 
     Sipsey Valley Supply 
     Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery 
     SJC Medical & Surgical Supplies 
     Skechers by Mail 
     Ski & Snowboard Tools 
     Ski Limited 
     Skillpath Seminars 
     Skipper Marine Electronics 
     Skulls Unlimited 
     Sky Mall 
     Skydiving Book Service 
     Slipped Disc 
     Small Business Success Guide 
     SME Catalog 
     Smith & Hawken 
     Smith + Noble (rug studio) 
     Smith Nursery Company 
     Smith Woodworks and Design 
     Smith+Noble Windoware 
     Smithfield Collection 
     Smith's Country Cheese 
     Smocking Bonnet 
     Smoking & Meat Curing Supply & Equipment Catalog 
     Smoky Mountain Knife Works 
     Snag Proof 
     Soaring Center 
     Soaring Spirit 
     Sobol House of Furnishings 
     Social Studies Catalog 
     Soft Surroundings 
     Soho Design 
     Solar Components 
     Solo Supplies 
     Solutions in Safety 
     Somerset Door & Column Company 
     Sonoma Antique Apple Nursery 
     Sonoma Cheese Factory 
     Sonoma Savories 
     Sormani Calendars 
     Sound Track Album Retailers 
     Sounds True 
     Source Cassette Learning Center 
     Source for Everything Jewish (The) 
     South Meadow Fruit Gardens 
     Southeastern Outdoor Supplies 
     Southern Coin Investments 
     Southern Exposure Seed Exchange 
     Southern Flavoring Company 
     Southern Precision Instrument Company 
     Southmeadow Fruit Garden 
     Southwest Indian Foundation 
     Sovietski Collection 
     Space Shots Images & Imagination 
     Spalding Laboratories 
     Sparky Boy Ent. 
     Spaulding & Rogers Manufacturing 
     Special Clothes for Special Children 
     Special Events 
     Specialized Products Company 
     Specialty Plywood 
     Specialty Sauces 
     Specific Cruise Systems/Frigette 
     Spectrum Color Labs 
     Speedway Street & Race Discount Catalog 
     Spices Etc. 
     Spices N Things 
     Spices, Etc. 
     Spirit of the West 
     Sportif Mailorder 
     Sports & Classics 
     Sports Collector's Heaven 
     Sports Nets 
     Sportsman's Guide 
     Sporty's Tool Shop 
     Spot Brand Pet Accessories 
     Spray Sok Company 
     SPRI Medical & Rehab Products Corp 
     Spring Creek Accessories 
     Spring Creek Canoe Accessories 
     Spring Hill - Garden Book 
     Spring Hill Nurseries 
     Spy Outlet 
     Squaw Mountain Gardens 
     Stack Coin Company 
     Stack-On Products Company 
     Stadri Emblems 
     Stair Specialist 
     Stamford Hygienic 
     Stamp & Collectibles 
     Stamp Magic Loves Cats 
     Stand-Aid of Iowa 
     Standard Candy Company 
     Standard Ceramics Supply Company 
     Standard Doll Company 
     Standard Merchandise 
     Staples Direct 
     Star River Productions 
     Starcrest of California 
     Stark Brothers Nursery 
     Start International 
     Stash Tea Catalog 
     Stave Puzzles 
     Steele Plant 
     Steele Rubber Products 
     Stencil House of New Hampshire 
     Stencils & Stripes 
     Sterling Publishing 
     Stevens Agri Supply 
     Stew Leonard's 
     Stewart Orchids 
     Stickers 'n Stuff 
     Stitchery Catalog 
     Stock Seed Farms 
     Stock Yards Chicago 
     Stockbyte Magazine 
     Stoddard Imported Car Parts 
     Stoeger Publishing 
     Stokes Tropicals 
     Stone Forest 
     Stonehill Collection 
     Stonewall Kitchen 
     Store Smart Express 
     Storey Communications 
     Stoudt Auto Sales 
     Straw Hill Chairs 
     Stress and Wellness Resources 
     Stress Less 
     Stuart McGuire 
     Stu-Art Supplies 
     Stuckey Brothers Furniture Company 
     Sturbridge Yankee Workshop 
     Suburban Sew N' Sweep 
     Sudberry House 
     Sugarbush Farm 
     Sugardale Foods 
     Sultan's Delight 
     Summer Brothers 
     Summerfield Farm 
     Summit Learning 
     Summit Specialties 
     Sun Designs 
     Sun Equipment Corporation 
     Sun Performance Products 
     Sunbilt Creative Sunrooms 
     Sunbrand Catalog 
     Sunburst Technology 
     Suncoast Discount Craft Supplies 
     Sundance Catalog 
     Sunlight Gardens 
     Sunline Products 
     Sunnyland Farms 
     Sunporch Structures 
     Sunrise Oriental Seed Company 
     Sunshine Farm & Gardens 
     Sunshine Glassworks 
     Sunshine Rarities 
     Sunshine Unlimited 
     Sunup Sundown 
     Super 8 Sound 
     Supergrit Abrasives, Supertack Adhesives 
     Supernaw's Oklahoma Indian Supply 
     Supplies for the Serious Doll Maker 
     Support Plus 
     Sur La Table 
     Sure Fit 
     Surface Preparation & Maintenance Tools 
     Surgical Manufacturing Company 
     Surma Book & Music 
     Surplus Center 
     Surry Gardens 
     Surveillance Devices 
     Survival Selections 
     Suzanne's Mail Order Muffins 
     Swan Island Dahlias 
     Swank Motion Pictures 
     Swanson Boat Oar Company 
     Swanson Health Products 
     Sweet Addyline 
     Swiss Army Knives 
     Swiss Colony 
     Swords Music Companies 
     T. Shipley 
     T.B. Hagstoz & Son 
     T.I.E. Office-Mates 
     Table & Vine at Big Y 
     Tackle Craft 
     Tackle Shop 
     Tafford Manufacturing 
     Taft Catalog 
     Tailwinds/Flight Computing 
     Talbots Kids 
     Tall Classics 
     Tallina's Doll Supplies 
     Tamarack Packaging Limited 
     Tandy Discount Computers 
     Tandy Leather Company Direct 
     Tape, Data Media & Packaging 
     Tara Materials 
     Tartan Book Sales 
     Task & Functional Lighting 
     Task Lighting Corporation 
     Taste of South Louisiana 
     Tatung Company of America 
     Taylor Gifts 
     Taylor Gifts 
     Taylor Gifts 
     TC Moulding 
     Tea Club 
     Tea Importers 
     Teas Nursery Company 
     Tecart Industries 
     Technical Chemical Company 
     Technology Marketing Corporation 
     Techsonic Industries 
     Ted's Engine House 
     Tele-Com Products 
     Teledyne Thermistor 
     Telescope Casual Furniture 
     Tempo Glove Manufacturing 
     Tempo Products Company 
     Ten Plus 
     Ten Talents 
     Tender Heart Treasures 
     Terex Light Construction 
     Territorial Seed Company 
     Territory Ahead 
     Territory Ahead (The) 
     Terry's Jaguar Parts 
     Terry's Village 
     Testrite Instrument Company 
     Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland 
     Teva, Sport Sandal 
     Texas Greenhouse Company 
     Texas Refinery Corporation 
     Texwipe Company 
     Thai Silks 
     Thanksgiving Coffee Company 
     That Patchwork Place 
     The Best of Times 
     The Edge Company Catalog 
     The Good Cook 
     The Home Depot 
     The Jazz Store 
     The Land of Nod 
     The Lighthouse Catalog 
     The Literary Guild 
     The Military Book Club 
     The Mystic Trader (Pacific Spirit) 
     The Noble Collection 
     The Pyramid Collection 
     The Smithsonian Catalogue 
     The Sportsman's Guide 
     The Spritual Adventure (The Omega Institute) 
     THEOS Resource Directory 
     Things Remembered 
     Thinking Allowed Video Collection 
     Third Hand/Loose Screws 
     This End Up 
     This Month 
     Thomas & Thomas Fine Fly Rods 
     Thomas Gourmet Foods 
     Thompson & Co.,Inc 
     Thompson Center Arms 
     Thorn Smith Laboratories 
     Thoroughbred Racing Catalog 
     Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers 
     Three Feather's Pewter 
     Tibet Collection 
     Tidewater Specialties 
     Tidewater Workshop 
     Tidewater Workshop 
     Tierra International 
     Tiffany & Co. 
     Tiffany Designs 
     Tiffen Manufacturing Corporation 
     Tiffin Athletic Mats 
     Tillamook Country Creamery Association 
     Tilton Engineering 
     Timber Crest Farms 
     Timber Press 
     Timberline Geodesics 
     Time Life Books 
     Time Motion Tools 
     Time Motion Tools 
     Timeless Treasure 
     Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers 
     Tin Bin 
     Tinari Greenhouses 
     Tioga Mill Outlet Stores 
     Title Nine Sports 
     To Market to Market 
     Toby Press 
     Todd Uniform 
     Tog Shop 
     Toledo Physical Education Supply Company 
     Toleeto Fasteners, International 
     Tom Thumb Workshops 
     Tomahawk Live Trap Company 
     Tomorrow's World 
     Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Catalog 
     Tool Crib (Amazon.com) 
     Tools for Wellness 
     Tools on Sale 
     Top Gold Line Collection 
     Torres Toner Ribbon Company 
     Totem Smokehouse 
     Touch of Class Catalog 
     Touch Turner 
     Touching Leaves Company 
     Tower Talk - Tower Hobbies 
     Town & Country Cedar Homes 
     Toy Balloon Corporation 
     Toy Works 
     Toyota Power 
     Toys & Joys 
     Toys to Grow On 
     Trade Books 
     Traex Product Catalog 
     Trailside Galleries 
     Train Master 
     Train of Thought Toys-Pretend Wear 
     Tranquil Lake Nursery 
     Transportation Collectibles 
     Travaco for Repairing Your Boat 
     Travel 2000 
     Travel Smith 
     Traveler's Checklist 
     Travers Tool Company 
     Treasure Book Catalog 
     Treasures from a Bygone Age 
     Tremont Woodcrafters 
     Trend-Lines & Golf Day 
     Tres Charmant 
     Tri-Angle School Supplies 
     Trickl-Eez Company 
     Trinco Dry-Blast 
     Trinity Abbey Honey 
     Trippensee Planetarium Company 
     Tri-State Ribbon Warehouse 
     Trophyland USA 
     Truck & Tractor 
     Truffle Market 
     Truly Victorian Mercantile Trading Company 
     Trumeter Company 
     Truth Seeker 
     Tsar Nicoulai Caviar 
     T-Shirt People 
     TSI Soccer 
     Tuf-Wear Manufacturing 
     TUN-DRA Outfitters & 'Up North' Gifts 
     Turf Cheesecake 
     Turf, Tree & Ornamental 
     Turn Off the TV 
     Turner Greenhouses 
     Tuthilltown Grist Mill 
     Tuttle Golf Collection 
     TWC - The Wig Company 
     Twin Oaks Hammocks 
     Twinhead Corporation 
     Two Potato 
     Tyrol International

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