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Stop Junk Mail. Sign Up To Stop Catalogs, Magazines, Direct mail or other unwanted and unneeded junk mail coming via the post office

Stop the following Junk Mail, Catalogs, Direct Marketing

Go to PaperKarma Stop The Junk Mail service which allows users to selectively remove themselves from retail catalog mailing lists, magazine, direct mail and other unwanted and unneeded junk mail. Since a variety of catalogs bombard us at different times of the year with junk mail, users pay  for a one-year, unlimited use membership to stop junk mail. The membership allows users to make unlimited site visits to stop junk mail and cancel catalog solicitations.

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Stop Junk Mail

Once one finishes selecting catalogs to stop and junk mail to stop, they proceed to " checkout" where basic credit card information is provided and a charge is assessed. Subsequent visits are free for one year.

Ones privacy is paramount on the site while stopping junk mail. Information is transmitted via secure server and credit card information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption software. Credit card information is purged from our systems as soon as legally permissible. User information necessary for repeat visits to stop junk mail is stored on our secure servers. User information that stop junk mail on the site is neither sold nor distributed to any third party other than the catalog companies from which the user has requested mailing list removal or stopping junk mail.

Stop The Junk

Once a user elects to stop a catalog, stop junk mail, or stop direct marketing, the purveyor is sent a legally drafted " Mailing List Removal Notice" pursuant to United States Code 39 U.S.C. ÔŅĹ3008 . Also the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act went into affect in July 1st 2001. The company has 75 days to comply, after which, the user may re-access the site and generate a " Second Notice" to stop junk mail Second notices to stop junk mail carry with them a higher penalty for failure to comply under the United States Post Office Prohibitory Notice regulations. We expect virtually all catalog companies to comply with first notices to stop junk mail. Given the penalties for improper solicitation, any failures that do occur will likely be due to clerical mistakes rather than mal-intent.

Below are list of Companies that are available to stop:

Stop Junk Mail For Catalogs I-Q: 

Click here to stop junk mail for a year

     I Love a Deal.com 
     IBM PC Guide (thru AMEX) 
     ICS Catalogue 
     Idaho Wood 
     Idea Art 
     Ideal Cheese Shop 
     IFM-Products for Natural Agriculture 
     Ihling Brothers Everard Company 
     Ikegami Electronics 
     Illuminations Gifts 
     Images Alive 
     IMF Publications 
     Impact Parts 
     Import Parts Distributing 
     Import Product Development 
     Important Shopper 
     Imported European Hardware 
     Inclinator Company of America 
     Independent Living Aids 
     Independent Press Catalog 
     Indiana Berry & Plant Company 
     Indio Date Shop 
     Indio Products 
     Indoor Gardening Supplies 
     Indus International 
     Industrial Arts Supply Company 
     Industrial Lab & Plastics Catalog 
     Inner Self 
     Innerspace Research 
     Inpath Device 
     Insect Lore 
     Instrument Workshop 
     InteliHealth Catalog 
     Interamerican Trade Corporation 
     Interior Furnishings 
     Internal Arts Catalog 
     International Auto Parts 
     International Auto Sport 
     International Bible Society 
     International Coins and Currency 
     International Historic Films 
     International Hobby Corporation 
     International Hobby Supplies 
     International Interchange Guides 
     International Logistics Systems, 
     International Male 
     International Manufacturing Company 
     International Marine Boating Books 
     International Mountain Equipment 
     International Taekwondo Association 
     International Violin Company 
     International Wealth Success 
     International Wine Accessories 
     Interstate Musician Supply 
     Into the Wind Kites 
     Iowa 80.COM Catalog 
     IPD Parts & Accessories for Volvos 
     Irish Families 
     Iroquois Products 
     Isabella Bird 
     Island Press Environmental Source Books 
     Islewest Publishing 
     Ison's Nursery & Vineyards 
     I-Tech Laboratories 
     Ivan Anderson Prints 
     Iverson Snowshoes 
     Ivies of the World 
     Ivy Imports 
     J&L Orchids 
     J&R Music World/J&R Computer World 
     J. Crew 
     J. Peterman Company 
     J. Tiras Classic Handbags 
     J.C. Whitney 
     J.E. Miller Nurseries 
     J.H. Breakell & Company 
     J.J. Hat Center 
     J.L. Hammett Company 
     J.Marco Galleries 
     J.N. Bartfield Galleries 
     J.P. Weaver Company 
     J.W. Bray 
     J.W. Jung Seed Company 
     Jaarsma Bakery 
     Jack Atcheson & Sons 
     Jacklin Seed 
     Jackson & Perkins 
     Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Products 
     Jackson Marking Products 
     Jacobs Electronics 
     Jacobs Gardner Supply Company 
     Jacquelynn's China Matching Service 
     Jacques C. Schiff, Jr. Philatelic Auctions 
     Jade Mountain 
     Jaffe Brothers 
     Jalmar Press/Interactive Publishing 
     Jameco Electronics 
     James Avery Craftsman 
     James Duff Enterprises Broncos 
     James Duff Enterprises Rangers 
     James Medical Supplies 
     Jamison Farm 
     Janco Greenhouses 
     Jane's Catalog 
     Janice's Natural Comfort Collection 
     Jann's Netcraft 
     Japan Collection 
     Jardine Products 
     Jay Ward Productions 
     Jayfro Corporation 
     JB Dollar Stretcher Magazine 
     J-B Weld Company 
     J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies 
     Jean Paree Wigs 
     Jeannie Serpa Stencils 
     Jeff Campbell's Clean Team Catalog 
     Jeffers Pet Catalog 
     Jeff's Bronco Graveyard 
     JEM Orchids 
     Jennings Decoy Carvers Supply 
     Jenson Fishing Tackle Company 
     Jerry Baker - Master Gardener 
     Jerry's Catalog 
     Jerry's Tackle Shop 
     Jesse Jones Box Corporation 
     Jessica London 
     Jessica's Biscuit 
     Jewelry Makers Supplies 
     Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Company 
     Jim Walter Homes 
     JKL Components Corporation 
     Joan Cook 
     Joe C. Williams 
     Joe's Goes Direct 
     John F. Rinaldi Nautical Antiques 
     John Holt's Bookstore 
     John Neal Bookseller 
     John Pike Art Products 
     John Scheepers, Inc. 
     Johnson & Towers 
     Johnson Nursery 
     Johnson Smith Company 
     Johnston & Murphy 
     Joinery Company 
     Jollys Garden Shoes 
     Jonathan Arthur Ciener 
     Jordan Virginia Ham Company 
     Joseph A. Bank 
     Josephson's Smokehouse & Dock 
     Josiah R. Coppersmythe 
     Journal of Longevity 
     JR Cigars 
     JSI - The Sailing Source 
     Judaica Book Guide 
     Judith Bowman Books 
     Just a Nut House 
     Just Between Us 
     Just for Kix/Dance, Etc. 
     Just Justin 
     Just Two Bikes 
     Justice Brothers 
     Justin Carriage Works 
     Jyoti Cuisine India 
     K&K Flyfishers 
     K&N Engineering 
     K&R Bed Spreads 
     K&S Marine 
     Kaehler Luggage 
     Kahlenberg Brothers Company 
     Kala Store Catalog 
     Kale Uniform Company 
     Kaminari USA 
     Kanter Auto Products 
     Kaplan's-Ben Hur 
     Kar-Ben Books: A Growing Jewish Library 
     Karl Bissinger 
     Kart World 
     Kartuz Greenhouses 
     Katagiri & Company 
     Kaufman's Army Navy Goods 
     Kay Jewelers 
     Kaye Wood 
     Kaye's Holiday 
     KBC Tools 
     Keipper Cooping Company 
     Kelleygreen Nursery 
     Kelly Brothers Nurseries 
     Kellyco Detector Distributors 
     Kelly's Crafts 
     Kelvin Electronics 
     Ken Nolan 
     Kennedy American 
     Kennedy Galleries 
     Kennel Vet 
     Kenneth Lynch & Sons 
     Kensington Orchids 
     Kentucky Wood Floors 
     Kenyon Corn Meal Company 
     Kester's Wild Game Food Nurseries 
     Kettle Care 
     Key Tags as Tickets 
     Keyboard Workshop 
     Keyboards & Recording 
     Kids Catalog - Lands End 
     Kilgore International 
     Kilgore International Company 
     Kimbo Educational 
     Kimco Flight Crew Supplies 
     Kim's Processing Plant 
     King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalog 
     King Louie Sports 
     King Ranch Saddle Shop 
     King's Chandelier 
     King's Gun Works 
     Kingsley North 
     Kinsman Gardeners Catalog 
     Kipp Brothers 
     Kitchen & Home 
     Kitchen Etc. 
     Kitchen Kettle Village 
     Klement Sausage Company 
     Klepper Folding Boats 
     Klutz Enterprises 
     Knight's Kitchen Cabinet Store 
     Knight's Limited 
     Knollwood Books 
     Knollwood Groves 
     Knott's Berry Farm Food 
     Knott's Berry Farm Food 
     Koala Men's Swimwear 
     Kodak Professional Photographic Catalog 
     Koehler Bright Star 
     Koffler Sales 
     Kogle Cards 
     Kohler Generators 
     Koinonia Partners 
     Kokovoko Breeding Farm 
     Korman Autoworks 
     Kozlowski Farms/Sonoma County Classics 
     Kracker Box 
     Kraco Enterprises 
     Kristin Elliot 
     Krohne Plant Farms 
     Kronberg's Flags 
     Krum's Chocolatiers 
     Kryptonite Corporation 
     KSA Jojoba 
     Kuempel Chime Clock 
     KYTEC Athletic Speed Equipment 
     L&C Coins 
     L. L. Bean Outdoors 
     L.A. Stampworks 
     L.A. Stencilworks 
     L.L. Bean 
     L.L. Bean Fly Fishing 
     L.L. Bean Home 
     L.L. Bean Hunting Catalog 
     L.L. Bean Traveler 
     L.L. Kids 
     L.L. Rue Catalog 
     L.R.H. Enterprises 
     Lab Mart 
     Lab Mart Company 
     Lab Shark 
     Lab Shark Catalog 
     Lacrosse International 
     Ladatco Tours 
     Lady Grace Intimate Apparel 
     Lafayette Instrument Company 
     Laguna Clay Company 
     Lamp Glass 
     Lamp Shop 
     Lanac Sales 
     Land & Sea 
     Lands End 
     Land's End Children's Catalog 
     Lands End Coming Home 
     Lane Bryant 
     Lansky Sharpeners 
     Lapel Pin 
     Larder of Lady Bustle 
     Lark in the Morning 
     Lark Letter 
     Lark of America 
     Larner Seeds 
     Larry Fritsch Cards 
     Larry's Thunderbird Parts 
     Las Pilitas Nursery 
     Last Best Place Catalog Company 
     Last Gasp of San Francisco 
     Lauran's Fingermagic 
     Lauray of Salisbury 
     Law Enforcement Associates 
     Lawrence Leather Company 
     Lawyer Nursery 
     Le Jardin Du Gourmet 
     Leaps and Bounds 
     Learn & Play 
     Learning Fun 
     Learning Technologies 
     Leather Masters 
     Leather Unlimited Corporation 
     LeBaron Bonney Company 
     Ledden Brothers 
     Lee House 
     Lee Precision 
     Lee's Gardens 
     Lee's Nursery 
     Lefties Only 
     Lefty's Corner 
     Legal Sea Foods 
     Legendary Arms 
     LEGO Direct Marketing 
     Legumes Plus 
     Leichtung Workshops 
     Leisure Woods 
     Lemee's Fireplace Equipment 
     Len Codella's Vintage Tackle 
     Lenette Greenhouses 
     Lenox Collections 
     Lens Express 
     Les Meubles de Provence 
     Leslie Levy Fine Art 
     Let's Get Growing! 
     Let's Make Music 
     Levite's Books & Blankets 
     Lew Magram 
     Lewis Cleaning Systems UC 
     Lewis Nursery & Farms 
     Liberty Flag & Specialty 
     Liberty Orchards 
     Liberty Seed Company 
     Libertytree: Review & Catalogue 
     Libertyville Saddle Shop 
     Libreria del Lobo 
     Lido Incorporated 
     Lifestyle Fascination 
     Light Impressions 
     Lighthouse Depot 
     Lighthouse International 
     Lighting & Safety Products 
     Lignomat USA 
     Li'l Mac Sinker Molds 
     Li-Lac Chocolates 
     Lillian Vernon 
     Lilly's Kids 
     Lily of the Valley Herb Catalog 
     Lilypons Water Gardens 
     Limited Edition 
     Limited Edition Prints by Peter Corbin 
     Limited Editions 
     Limited Too 
     Lincoln Business Machines 
     Linda Anderson 
     Linda's Delite & Nancy's Candy 
     Linden Beverage Company 
     Lindenwold Fine Jewelry & Cosmetics 
     Lindy-Little Joe 
     Line Electric Products 
     Line Tamer 
     Linen & Lace 
     Lingerie Place 
     Linton & Linton Bamboo 
     Liros Gallery 
     Lisle Corporation 
     Literature Catalog 
     Little Rainbow Chevre 
     Little's Good Gloves 
     Living Tree Community Foods 
     Lloyd Hearing Aid Corporation 
     Lockwood Sales Corporation 
     Lodge Manufacturing Company 
     Loftin-Black Furniture Company 
     Log Cabin Shop 
     Logee's Greenhouses 
     Lone Peak Designs 
     Longleaf Lighter Company 
     Long's Electronics 
     Long's Gardens 
     Look Alive! 
     Loose Ends 
     Lord & Taylor 
     Lotions & Lace Fashion Fantasies 
     Lou Fusz Toyota 
     Louisiana Catalog 
     Louisiana Fish Fry Products 
     Loveless Hams and Jams Catalog 
     Lowe Alpine Systems 
     Lowe's Own-Root Roses 
     Loyola Press 
     Lublin Graphics Collection 
     Lucky Heart Cosmetics 
     Lucky Mojo Curio Company 
     Ludwig Industries 
     Luggage Center 
     Luthiers Mercantile 
     Luziane Coffee Company 
     Lyle Cartridges 
     Lyman Products Corporation 
     Lyons Music Products 
     Lyrichord Discs 
     M&B Headwear Company 
     M&E Marine Supply Company 
     M&M Health Care Apparel Company 
     M.A. Graphics 
     M.C. Limited Fine Leathers 
     Mac Connection 
     Mac Warehouse 
     Mac Zone 
     MACH 1 
     Macomber Looms 
     Macy's by Mail 
     Mad River Canoe 
     Mad River Woodworks 
     Mad Stencilist 
     Madeline Fashions 
     Madison Ladder Back Chair 
     Magic Cabin Dolls 
     Magic Seasonings Mail Order 
     Magna Chart-Magnetic Visual Control 
     Magnets - The Perpetual Energy Source 
     Magnolias and Other Garden Aristocrats 
     Maher Studios 
     Mail Order Bride 
     Mail Order Knowledge 
     Mail Order Pet Shop 
     Mailboxes Salsbury 
     Mailer's Software 
     Maine Balsam Fir Products 
     Maine Coast Sea Vegetables 
     Maine Holiday Wreaths 
     Maine Mountain Soap & Candle Company 
     Maison Glass 
     Majestic Athletic Wear 
     Major Surplus & Survival 
     Make Life Easier 
     Making a Home (Betty Crocker) 
     Makita U.S.A. 
     Malley's Chocolates 
     Mamco Corporation 
     Manager's Answer Cards (Abarth Publishing) 
     Mandala Connections 
     Mandolin Brothers 
     Mandy's House of Gifts 
     Manganaro Foods 
     Mankel Blacksmith Shop 
     Manuel Gomez & Associates 
     Manufacturers' Supply 
     Map & Globe Catalog 
     Maple Grove Farms of Vermont 
     Maples Fruit Farm 
     Maplewood Crafts 
     Mardiron Optics 
     Marian Ives 
     Marilyn's Button Sales Company 
     Marine Associates 
     Mariner Outboard Motors 
     Marion H. Campbell, Cabinetmaker 
     Mark Fore & Strike 
     Market Spice 
     Marketplace: Handwork of India 
     Markline Business Products 
     Mark's Athletic Soles 
     Marlin Firearms Company 
     Mar-Lou Shoes 
     Marquis Awards & Specialties 
     Marshall's Fudge & Homemade Candies 
     Martha By Mail 
     Marti Poultry Farm 
     Martin Guitar 
     Mary Maxim 
     Mary Meyer Corporation 
     Mary of Puddin Hill 
     Mary Orvis Marbury 
     Maryland China 
     Maryland China Company 
     Maryland Square 
     MAS Racing Products 
     Maska USA 
     Mason Company 
     Mason Shoes 
     Massachusetts Army-Navy Store Catalog 
     Mast Development Company 
     Master Animal Care 
     Master Materials List 
     Master Sourcebook 
     Masters Collection 
     Material Control, Plus 
     Mathews Wire Giftware Catalog 
     Matthews 1812 House 
     Maverick Trading Post 
     Maxwell Dynamometer Systems 
     Mayer's Cider Mill 
     Maytag Dairy Farms 
     Mayville Engineering Company 
     Mazda Publishers 
     McCoy Brothers Group 
     McFarland & Company Publishers 
     McFeely's Square Drive Screws 
     McKilligan Super Catalog 
     McSpadden Musical Instruments 
     Meadow Farms Country Smokehouse 
     Meadowbrook Press 
     Meadows Mills 
     Medco Supply Company 
     Media Basics Video 
     Medical Plastics Laboratory 
     Medical Specialists 
     Mega Care 
     MEI/Micro Center 
     Meierotto's Midwesterling 
     Meisel Hardware Specialties 
     Melissa's World Variety Produce 
     Melton Classics 
     Memphis Net & Twine Company 
     Mepps Fishing Guide 
     Merchandising Solutions 
     Merion Mail Order Company 
     Merit Wish Unlimited 
     Merriam Press 
     Mesa Garden 
     Messelear Bulb Company 
     Metamorphous Press 
     Metro Lighting & Crafts 
     Meyer Seed 
     Miami Clay Company 
     Miami Waterlillies and Orchids 
     Michael's Artist Supplies 
     Michelle Herschner Health & Beauty Aides 
     Michigan Bicycle Touring 
     Michigan Bulb Company 
     Micro Center  
     Micro Generation 
     Micro Lamps 
     Micro Library Series 
     Micro Solutions Computer Products 
     Micro Timer & Controls 
     Micro Warehouse 
     Micro Warehouse Incorporated 
     Microref Educational Systems 
     Microref Educational Systems 
     Mid America Designs 
     Mid Atlantic 
     Midamerica Vacuum Cleaner Supply Company 
     Midnight Records 
     Midwest Micro Catalog 
     Mighty Megaphones 
     Milepost Four 
     Miles Kimball 
     Miles Kimball Gift 
     Miles Kimball of Oshkosh 
     Military Warehouse 
     Miller Audio 
     Miller Multiplex 
     Miller Nurseries 
     Millett Sights 
     Mills River Industries 
     MIM Architecturals 
     Miners Catalog 
     Mini Parts Book 
     Mini Rose Garden 
     Miniature Plant Kingdom 
     Mini-Flex Corporation 
     Minnetonka Moccasins 
     Miracle of Aloe 
     MISCO U.S.A. 
     Misonix Incorporated 
     Miss Grace Lemon Cake Company 
     Miss Scarlett 
     Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate 
     Missouri Dandy Pantry 
     MIT Museum Shop 
     Mize Wire Products 
     Mo Hotta-Mo Betta 
     Mobile Planet 
     Model Expo 
     Modern Farm Catalog 
     Modern Farm Cody Mercantile 
     Modern Icons 
     Modernage Custom Digital Imaging Labs 
     Mohawk Lifts 
     Mom's Apple Pie Company 
     Mom's Cigars 
     Moms Medical Supply 
     Monitor Recordings 
     Monroe Table Company 
     Monterey Bay 
     Montgomery Schoolhouse 
     Montoya/MAS International 
     Moog Automotive 
     Moon Mountain Wildflowers 
     Moon Shine Trading Company 
     Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn 
     Moons Saw & Tool 
     Moore Video/MDM Productions 
     Moravian Sugar Crisp Company 
     Morgan's Mills 
     Morningland Dairy 
     Morrell & Company 
     Mosaic Records 
     Moss Motors Limited 
     Mostly Mustangs 
     Mother Myrick's Confectionery 
     Mother's Mountain 
     Motor Sport Auto 
     Motorad of America 
     Mount Capra Cheese 
     Mountain Bike Specialists 
     Mountain Lumber 
     Mountain Maples 
     Mountain Meadows Pottery 
     Mountain Press Publishing Company 
     Mountain State Muzzleloading Supplies 
     Mountain Travel-Sobek 
     Mountain Woods 
     Mouser Electronics 
     Mousetrap Cheese 
     Movie Poster Place 
     Movies Unlimited 
     MPC Classics 
     Mr. Dudley 
     Mrs. Fields Gourmet Gifts 
     MSC Industrial Supply Co 
     Mueller Recreational Products 
     Mueller-Wood Kraft 
     Multicultural Media 
     Multi-Media Cable & Accessories Catalog 
     Murphy Bed 
     Murray McMurray Hatchery 
     Murray Wind & Water Sports 
     Murrays' Fly Shop 
     Murrow Furniture Galleries 
     Museum of Fine Arts - Boston 
     Museum of Jewelry 
     Museum Products Company 
     Museum Replicas Limited (Atlanta Cutlery) 
     Music for Little People 
     Music for the Enjoyment of Life 
     Music Makers Kits 
     Music Minus One 
     Music Minus One 
     Music of the American Indian 
     Music Tree 
     Musical Heritage Society 
     Musicmaker's Kits 
     Musser Forests 
     My Little Salesman 
     Myers' Gourmet Popcorn 
     Mystic Stamp Co 
     N.A. Information and Trade Center 
     Namely Yours 
     Nancy Neale Typecraft 
     Nanny-Watch Cameras/Security 
     Napa Style 
     Nat Schwartz & Company 
     Nat Sherman 
     National Association of the Deaf 
     National Business Furniture 
     National Contact Lens Center 
     National Cowboy Hall of Fame Collection 
     National Educational Music Company 
     National Fire Protection Association 
     National Hosiery 
     National Outlet 
     National Plan Service 
     National Safety Equipment Outlet 
     National School Products 
     National Seminars Group 
     National Sporting Goods Corporation 
     National Teaching Aids 
     National Tire & Wheel 
     National Wildlife Federation 
     Native American Catalogs 
     Native Gardens 
     Native Seeds/Search 
     Native Species Seed List 
     Natural Baby Catalog 
     Natural Choice 
     Natural Garden 
     Natural Lifestyles Supplies 
     Natural Nutrition News 
     Natural Resources 
     Nature's Herb Company 
     Nature's Jewelery 
     Nature's Sunshine Products 
     Nature's Vignettes 
     Naturlich Natural Home 
     Nautical Boatique 
     Navy Arms Company 
     NDT International 
     Nealey Company 
     Neat Ideas 
     Neat Ideas for an Organized Life 
     Nebraska Scientific 
     Nebraska's Famous Steaks 
     NEBS-Holiday Greeting Cards 
     Nedobeck Graphics/New Wrinkle Press 
     Needlecraft Shop Catalog 
     NegaFile Systems 
     Neiman Marcus by Mail 
     Nellie & Joe's 
     Nelson Marketing 
     Nelson Seatreats 
     Network Technologies 
     Networks Now! 
     Neumayer Corporation 
     Nevco Scoreboard 
     New Age Books 
     New Braunfels Smokehouse 
     New Dimensions 
     New Dimensions Limited 
     New England Basket Company 
     New England Bonsai 
     New England Cheesemaking Supply Company 
     New England Serum Company 
     New England Slate Company 
     New England Solar Electric 
     New Gen Systems Corporation 
     New MMI Corporation 
     New Orleans School of Cooking/Louisiana Gen. Store 
     New Process Fibre Company 
     New Skete Farms 
     New Worlds of Mind & Spirit 
     New York Central Art Supply 
     New York Findings 
     Newark Auto Products 
     Newark Dressmaker Supply 
     Newfound Woodworks 
     Newman Group 
     Newport News 
     Newstamp Lighting Company 
     Niche Gardens 
     Nichols Garden Nursery 
     Nichols Net & Twine Company 
     Nite-Lite Company 
     Nitron Formula 
     Nitron Industries 
     No Nonsense Legwear Direct 
     Nodine's Smokehouse 
     Nomadics Tipi Makers 
     Nor'East Miniature Roses 
     Norfolk Lavender 
     Norm Thompson 
     Norm Thompson 
     Norman Camera & Video 
     North American Supply 
     North Beach Leather Catalog Division 
     North Country 
     North Country Catalog 
     North Country Smokehouse 
     North Western Office Suppliers 
     Northeast Medical Products 
     Northeastern Scale Models 
     Northern Sun 
     Northern Tool & Equipment Company 
     Northland Poster Collective 
     Northridge Gardens 
     Northwest Mycological Consultants 
     Northwest River Supplies 
     Northwest Short Line 
     Northwestern Coffee Mills 
     Northwest's Best 
     Northwest's Best Limited 
     Northwind Outdoor Company 
     Nourse Farms 
     Novaspace Gallery 
     Novelty Poster Company 
     NR Automobile Accessories 
     Nueske Applewood Smoked Specialty Meats 
     Nutrition Headquarters 
     Nutrition Teaching Aids 
     Nylon Net Company 
     O.H. Mullen Sales 
     Oak Hill Gardens 
     Oak Log Homes 
     Oakes Daylilies 
     Oakville Grocery 
     Ocean Interface Company 
     Ocean Video Movies 
     Oceanic Society Expeditions Catalog 
     Odyssey Group 
     Of Ships & Seas 
     Of Ships & Seas 
     OFE International 
     Office Access 
     Office Furniture Buyer's Guide 
     Office Supply Products/Storage Products 
     Office-Electronics Catalog 
     Official U.S. Chess Federation Catalog 
     Off-Road Unlimited 
     Offshore Angler 
     OGM Production Music 
     Ohio Earth Food 
     Ohio Light Truck Parts Company 
     Ohio Village Tinsmith 
     Ohlinger's Movie Material Store 
     Oikos Tree Crops 
     Old Glory Distributing 
     Old Henriksen of Denmark 
     Old Pueblo Traders 
     Old Telephones by Phoneco 
     Old Wagon Factory 
     Old Wagon Factory Catalog 
     Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company 
     Olsen's Mill Direct 
     Oly-Ola Sales 
     Omaha Steaks 
     Omni AV 
     Omni Farm 
     OMNI Resources 
     Omni Safety and Security 
     Omnifac Corporation 
     O'Mona International Tea 
     One Step Ahead 
     Open Circle/Ancient Circles 
     Open Please 
     Opera Fanatic 
     Options Underground 
     Orange Cherry Software 
     Orchard Crest Farms 
     Oreck Corporation 
     Oregon Fancy Food Group 
     Oregon Trail Daffodils 
     Oregon Wooden Screen Door Company 
     Organized Now 
     Organizers, Planners & Scheduling Systems 
     Orgel's Orchids 
     Oriental Herb Company 
     Oriental Pantry 
     Oriental Trading Company, Inc. 
     Original Cast Lighting 
     Original Texas YA-HOO! Cake Company 
     Originals by Gina 
     Orjene Natural Cosmetics 
     Orvis Fishing & Hunting 
     Orvis Gifts & Clothing 
     Orvis Mens Traditions 
     Orvis The Sporting Tradition 
     Orvis Travel 
     Orvis Women's Clothing 
     Osage Canoes 
     Oscar's Hickory House 
     Osco Motors Corporation 
     Other Worlds Enterprises 
     Otis S. Twilley Seed Company 
     Ott's Discount Art Supply 
     Our Business Machines 
     Outwater Plastics Lighting Concepts 
     Overton's Discount Boating Accessories 
     Owens Orchids 
     Ozark Basketry Supply 
     Ozark Mountain Smoke House 
     P&H Company 
     P.J. Company 
     P.T.I. Pyramid Technologies 
     Paasche Airbrush Company 
     Pacific Botanicals 
     Pacific Spirit (The Mystic Trader) 
     Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company 
     Pacific Tree Farms 
     Pack Central 
     Package Publicity Service 
     Pain & Stress Center Products 
     Palm Beach Int'l Jewelry Collection 
     Palmer Sales 
     Pan Handler Products 
     Panaram International Trading Company 
     Pandora's Books 
     Pannikin Coffee & Tea 
     Panoptic Federal Contracting 
     Pantex Computers 
     Pape Enterprises 
     Paper Access 
     Paper Direct 
     Para Publishing 
     Parachutes for Pilots 
     Paradigm Foodworks 
     Paradise Mills 
     Para-Gear Equipment Catalog 
     Paragon Gifts (The Paragon) 
     Parenting Concepts 
     Parker's Knife Collectors Service 
     Parks Optical 
     Parnassus Records 
     Party Kits Equestrian Gifts 
     PASCO Scientific 
     Pasco Scientific 
     PASCO Scientific Company 
     Pastor's Pharmacy 
     Patagonia Kids 
     Patagonia Kids 
     Patagonia Mail Order 
     Patchwork House 
     Pattern Crafts 
     Patterns of History 
     Paul Fredrick 
     Paul Gaudette Military Books 
     Paul Stuart 
     P-A-W-Prints Pattern Company 
     PB&H Moulding Corporation 
     PBS Home Video 
     PBS Home Video Catalog 
     PC & MacConnection 
     PC Connection 
     PC Mall 
     PC/Name Tag 
     PDQ Professional Division 
     Peaceful Valley Farm Supply 
     Peanut Patch 
     Pearl Paint Company 
     Pearson's Harness Horse Equipment Company 
     Pecan Producers International 
     Pedal Pushers 
     Pedifix Footcare Products 
     Peerless Imported Rugs 
     Penn Herb Company 
     Penn State Industries 
     Penn Street Bakery 
     Pennsylvania Firebacks 
     Penny Wise Office Products 
     Penzey's Spices 
     Peoples Charcoal Woods 
     Pepper Gal 
     Pepper Patch 
     Perennial Catalog 
     Perennial Wishbook 
     Performance Bicycle 
     Performance Diver 
     Performance Products-Ford SUV's 
     Performance Products-Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Toyota 
     Performance Products-Porsche 
     Performance Products-Toyota Trucks SUV's 
     Performance Snowboarding 
     Performance Years 
     Period Collection 
     Period Furniture Hardware 
     Peripherals Plus 
     PerkinElmer E-ssentials Catalog 
     Perkowitz Window Fashions 
     Permaloc Aluminum Edging 
     Perry's Water Gardens 
     Personal Comforts 
     Personal Creations 
     Personal Expressions Wholesale Art 
     Personal Touch 
     Personalized Incentives 
     Personalized Products 
     Peruvian Connection 
     Pet Book 
     Pet Doors U.S.A. 
     Pet Market.Com 
     Pete Rickard 
     Peter DeNatale Jewelers 
     Peter Limmer & Sons 
     Peter Paul's Nurseries 
     Petsmart Direct 
     Pfanstiehl Corporation 
     Pfanstiel Hardware Company 
     Philip S. Olt - Game and Bird Calls 
     Phoenix Boats 
     Photo Therm - Temperature Controls 
     Photographer's Catalog 
     Phyllis Kennedy 
     Physical Education & Recreation 
     Piccadilly Farm 
     Picket Fence 
     Pickseed West 
     Pieces of History 
     Piedmont Moulding 
     Piedmont Plant Company 
     Pierce Company of Minneapolis 
     Pierian Press 
     Pierre Silber Rise to the Occasion 
     Piggie Park Enterprises 
     Pike's Peak Nurseries 
     Pinetree Garden Seeds 
     Pioneer Hi-Bred International 
     Piper's Corvette Specialties 
     Pipestone Indian Shrine Association 
     Pitsco Science Education Division 
     Pitsco-Science Education Division 
     Planetary Publications/HeartMath 
     Plano Molding Company 
     Plants of the Wild 
     Plastmo Vinyl Raingutters 
     Playboystore.com catalog 
     Player Piano Company 
     PlayFair Toys 
     Plaza Sweets 
     Plexi-Craft Quality Products 
     Plow & Hearth 
     Plow & Hearth (Country Home) 
     Plow & Hearth (Gardening) 
     Plow and Hearth 
     Plymouth Cheese Corporation 
     Plymouth Yarn Company 
     Podlin Tool Company 
     Poinsettia Groves 
     Polytel Computer Products 
     Polywell Computers 
     Pompei Stained Glass 
     Pond Yachts 
     Popcorn Connection 
     Popcorn World 
     Porcelain USA (Dick Spiegel) 
     Porcelain USA/Dick Spiegel Designs 
     Port Canvas Company 
     Porter's Camera Store 
     Posh Papers 
     Positive Promotions 
     Post Marine Supply 
     Poston Enterprises Buick Parts 
     Posty Cards 
     Potters Shop 
     Pottery Barn 
     Pottery Barn Bed and Bath 
     Pottery Barn Bed and Bath 
     Pottery Barn Kids 
     Potting Shed 
     Poultry & Gamebreeders Catalog 
     Power & Music 
     Power Places Tours & Conferences 
     Power Protection Equipment Catalog 
     Power Shack 
     Power Team 
     Powerful Presentations Catalog 
     Prairie Edge 
     Prairie Moon Nursery 
     Prairie Nursery 
     Prairie Ridge Nursery 
     Prarie Herb 
     Precept Ministries Int'l 
     Precision Auto Designs 
     Precision Reloading 
     Precision Type 
     Precision Weather Instruments 
     Precision Weather Instruments Company 
     Preferred Living 
     Premax Products 
     Premier Books 
     Premier Metal Products Company 
     Premier Sports 
     Premiere Products 
     Premise Wiring 
     Premium Parts Electronics Company 
     Prentiss Court Ground Covers 
     Preparedness Resources 
     Presque Isle Wine Cellars 
     Prestige Carpets 
     Presto Galaxy 
     Priba Furniture Sales 
     Priester's Pecans 
     Priester's Pecans 
     Prime Engineering 
     Primrose Path 
     Printer Works 
     Printery Catalog Direct 
     Printmakers Machine Company Press Catalog 
     Printmakers Materials 
     Print-Mount Company 
     Prints of Peace Rubber Stamps 
     Prism Optical 
     Prize Possessions 
     Pro Battery 
     Pro/Cam Components 
     Product Pak 
     Products International 
     Professional Apparel Company 
     Professional Cutlery Direct (PCD) 
     Professional Golf & Tennis 
     Professional Livestock Producer Catalog 
     Professional Software Security Catalog 
     Professional Stationers 
     Programmers Paradise 
     Programmer's Paradise 
     Programmer's Shop 
     Programmer's SuperShop 
     Promenades LeBead Shop Catalog 
     Promotional Items 
     Pro-Tec Athletics 
     ProTech Systems 
     Pro-tect Computer Products 
     Protective Products Corporation 
     Providence Cheese Gourmet Foods 
     Psychological Assessment & Intervention 
     Publishers Toolbox 
     Publishing Perfection 
     Pulizzi Engineering AC Power Distribution 
     Purely American 
     Puritans Pride 
     Puritan's Pride 
     Purple Martin 
     Putnam Rolling Ladder Company 
     PX Store 
     Pyramid Film & Video 
     QCCS Productions 
     Qualco Products Company 
     Qualiton Imports 
     Quality by Design 
     Quality Saw & Knife Company 
     Quality Stationers 
     Quantum Electronics 
     Quantum Medicine 
     Quartermaster Uniform Company 
     Quest Outfitters 
     Quick Draw Clip Systems 
     Quill Corporation 
     Quilting Books Unlimited 
     Quilts by Esther 
     Quimper Faience 

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