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Stop Junk Mail. Sign Up To Stop Catalogs, Magazines, Direct mail or other unwanted and unneeded junk mail coming via the post office.

Stop the following Junk Mail, Catalogs, Direct Marketing

Go to PaperKarma Stop The Junk Mail service which allows users to selectively remove themselves from retail catalog mailing lists, magazine, direct mail and other unwanted and unneeded junk mail. Since a variety of catalogs bombard us at different times of the year with junk mail, users pay  for a one-year, unlimited use membership to stop junk mail. The membership allows users to make unlimited site visits to stop junk mail and cancel catalog solicitations.

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Stop Junk Mail

Once one finishes selecting catalogs to stop and junk mail to stop, they proceed to " checkout" where basic credit card information is provided and a charge is assessed. Subsequent visits are free for one year.

Ones privacy is paramount on the site while stopping junk mail. Information is transmitted via secure server and credit card information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption software. Credit card information is purged from our systems as soon as legally permissible. User information necessary for repeat visits to stop junk mail is stored on our secure servers. User information that stop junk mail on the site is neither sold nor distributed to any third party other than the catalog companies from which the user has requested mailing list removal or stopping junk mail.

Stop The Junk

Once a user elects to stop a catalog, stop junk mail, or stop direct marketing, the purveyor is sent a legally drafted " Mailing List Removal Notice" pursuant to United States Code 39 U.S.C. ÔŅĹ3008 . Also the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act went into affect in July 1st 2001. The company has 75 days to comply, after which, the user may re-access the site and generate a " Second Notice" to stop junk mail Second notices to stop junk mail carry with them a higher penalty for failure to comply under the United States Post Office Prohibitory Notice regulations. We expect virtually all catalog companies to comply with first notices to stop junk mail. Given the penalties for improper solicitation, any failures that do occur will likely be due to clerical mistakes rather than mal-intent.

Below are list of Companies that are available to stop:

Stop Junk Mail For Catalogs C-H:

Click here to stop junk mail for a year

     C Crane Company 
     C Cushions 
     C&D Jarnagin Company 
     C&H Distributors 
     C&H Sales 
     C&O Nursery Company 
     C&T Bridge Supplies 
     C.S. Steen Syrup Mill 
     Cabin Creek Quilts 
     Cable Car Clothiers 
     Cable Express Corporation 
     Cabot Creamery 
     Cain Architectural Art Glass 
     Cajun Country Candies 
     Cake and Candle 
     Caladium World 
     Calef's Country Store 
     Calico Corners 
     California Car Cover Co. 
     California Crafts Supply 
     California Olive Oil 
     California Stitchery 
     California Style 
     Calumet Photographic 
     CaLyCo Crossing & Triple R Western Wear 
     Calyx & Corolla 
     Cam Audio 
     Cambridge Camera Exchange 
     Cambridge Guidance 
     Camdon Laboratory & Medical Supply 
     Camellia & Main 
     Camellia Forest Nursery 
     Camillus Cutlery 
     Campbell Tools 
     Campbellsville Industries 
     Camping World 
     Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum 
     Cane & Basket Supply 
     Caner's Sourcebook 
     Cannon Sports 
     Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company 
     Cape Cod Violetry 
     Capetown Diamond Corporation 
     Capital Cycle Corporation 
     Caprice Farm Nursery 
     Carabella Collection 
     Card Models 
     Card Shop 
     Cardinal Industries 
     Careertrack Publications 
     Carino Nurseries 
     Carl Gurley Company 
     Carl Manufacturing Company 
     Carlisle & Finch Company 
     Carlisle Restoration Lumber 
     Carnival Catalog 
     Carol Wright Gifts 
     Carolina Biological Supply Company 
     Carolina Exotic Gardens 
     Carolina Interiors 
     Caroline's Country Ruffles 
     Carpet Hardware Systems 
     Carroll & Company 
     Carroll Gardens 
     Carrot-Top's Flag & Banner 
     Carrot-Top's Flag & Banner Catalog 
     Carter Canopies 
     Carushka Bodywear 
     Carvin Corporation 
     Cascade Forestry Nursery 
     Cash's of Ireland 
     Casual Living 
     Casual Male 
     Caswell-Massey Catalogue 
     Cat Claws 
     Catalog of Beneficials 
     Catalog of Fine Woodworking Tools 
     Catalog of Fund Raising Valves 
     Catalog of Traditional American Indian Music 
     Catalog of Used Compact Discs 
     Catalog Shop 
     Catalog Ventures Favorites 
     Catalogue of Dollhouses, Supplies & Miniatures 
     Catherine's Chocolate Shop 
     Cats, Cats and More Cats 
     Cattle Kate 
     Caviness Woodworking Company 
     CB Performance 
     CDL Software Shop 
     CDW Solutions 
     CED Tool Center 
     Cedar Works of Maine 
     CEF Industries 
     Celebration Specialty Foods 
     Cellar Homebrew 
     Centerfire Systems 
     Centerline Alfa Products 
     Central Restaurant Product 
     Central Shippee - The Felt People 
     Central Skindivers 
     Century Precision Optics 
     Ceramic Supply of New York & New Jersey 
     CGS Aviation 
     CH Products 
     Chace Leather Products Company 
     Chadsworth's 1-800-Columns 
     Chadwick's of Boston 
     Champions on Film 
     Champlain Valley Apiaries 
     Charles Catalog 
     Charles Keath 
     Charles Keath - Holidays 
     Charles Ro Supply Company 
     Charles W. Jacobsen 
     Charleston Battery Bench 
     Charleston Tea Plantation 
     Charley's Greenhouse Supply 
     Charmaster Products 
     Charolette Ford Trunks 
     Charrette Corporation 
     Chatham Art Distributors 
     Cheap Aprons 
     Cheap Joe's Art Stuff 
     Cheese Box 
     Chef Revival USA 
     Chef's Catalog (Chef's Ingenuity Smart Solutions) 
     Chelsea Decorative Metal Company 
     Chem Scientific, LLC. 
     Chernin's Shoes 
     Cherry Tree Toys 
     Cherrybrook Dog & Cat Supplies 
     Chestnut Hill Nursery 
     Cheviot Corporation 
     Chevs of the 40's Car and Truck Catalog 
     Chevy Duty Pickup Parts 
     Chick's Harness & Supply 
     Child Management 
     Children International 
     Children's Book-of-the-Month Club 
     Children's Books 
     Children's Catalog 
     Children's Wear Digest 
     China Books & Periodicals 
     Chiswick Packaging Products & More 
     Chock Catalog Corporation 
     Chocolate Inn 
     Choice of Vermont 
     Christine Jordan 
     Christmas Memories 
     Church Identification Products 
     Church Products 
     Cigarette Racing Team 
     Cinder Whit & Company 
     Circle Craft Supply 
     Citizen America Corporation 
     Claire Murray 
     Clambake Celebrations 
     Clark Craft Boat Designs 
     Clark Custom Guns 
     Clark's Corvair Parts 
     Clark's Register 
     Classes in Media Arts 
     Classic Airboaters Catalog 
     Classic Architectural Specialties 
     Classic Auto Air Manufacturing Company 
     Classic Coach Interiors 
     Classic Designs by Matthew Burak 
     Classic Illuminations 
     Classic Impressions by Taylor 
     Classic Motorbooks 
     Classic Mustang 
     Classic Mustang Parts of Oklahoma 
     Classique Cars Unlimited 
     Clean Report 
     Clearbrook Farms 
     Clearfield Company 
     Clifford & Wills 
     Clinch Fast Kit 
     Clock Repair Center 
     Close Up Publishing 
     Clothes for Life (Nordstrom) 
     Clothes That Work 
     Cloud Mountain Farm & Nursery 
     Clubs of America 
     Clyde Robin Seed Company 
     CMC Company 
     CMC Rescue 
     Coast Distribution System 
     Cobblestone Publishing 
     Cobbs Manufacturing Company 
     Cobra Restorers 
     Coca-Cola Catalog 
     Cody Mercantile 
     Cohasset Colonials 
     Cold Hollow Cider Mill 
     Coldwater Creek 
     Coldwater Creek Home 
     Cole's Power Models 
     Collectible Doll Company 
     Collections Etc. 
     Collectors Armoury 
     Collector's Cabinet 
     Collectors' Choice Music 
     Collector's Paperweights Catalog 
     College Classics Chairs 
     Collin Street Bakery 
     Colonial Brass Company 
     Colonial Williamsburg Reproductions 
     Colony Chocolate 
     Color Connection 
     Colorado Moulding Company 
     Colorado Pen Company 
     Colorado Superconductor 
     Colorado Tent Company 
     Colorful images 
     Columbia House 
     Comanche Acres Iris Gardens 
     Combo Print Calendars 
     Comfort Corner 
     Coming Home 
     Communications Electronics Journal 
     Community Playthings 
     Company Store 
     Compass Metal Detectors 
     Compassion Books 
     Complete Book of Greenhouse Systems 
     Complete Dollhouse Electrical Catalog 
     Complete Guide to Special Interest Video 
     Complete Strategist 
     Complete Success Catalog 
     Complete Traveller Bookstore by Mail 
     Complete Winemaker 
     CompuAdd Corporaton 
     Computer Dynamics Sales 
     Computer Friends 
     Computer Peripherals 
     Comstock Creations 
     Comstock, Ferre & Company 
     Conant Custom Brass 
     Concepts for Pets 
     Con-Cor Models 
     Concord Industries 
     Conklin Guitars 
     Conklin Metal Industries 
     Connecticut Cane & Reed Company 
     Connecticut Shirt Man 
     Connell's Dahlias 
     Conney Year Safety Problem Solver 
     Consolidated Electronics 
     Constructive Playthings 
     Consumer Vitamin Values 
     Consumertronics Catalog 
     Contact Kit Catalog 
     Contact Lens Replacement Center 
     Container Store 
     Convertible Parts Catalog 
     Cook Flavoring Company 
     Cook Receipt Book Manufacturing 
     Cook's Garden 
     Cook's Wares 
     Cooley's Gardens 
     Cooper's Nut House 
     Coppa Woodworking 
     Copper House 
     Corbin Manufacturing & Supply 
     Cornettes Ribbon & Trophy 
     Coromandel Database Software 
     Corona Cigar Company 
     Corral West 
     Correia Art Glass 
     Corte & Company 
     Corvette America 
     Corvette Specialty Center 
     Corvette World 
     Corvettes Limited 
     Cosmic Patterns Software 
     Costumers Quarterly 
     Cotton Gin (The) 
     Counted Cross-Stitch 
     Country Bed Shop 
     Country Braid House 
     Country Cooking from Clifty Farms 
     Country Curtains 
     Country House 
     Country Iron Foundry 
     Country Manor 
     Country Manufacturing 
     Country Store of Geneva 
     Country Supply 
     Coward Shoes 
     CR Manufacturing Company 
     Craft King Mail Order 
     Craft Resources Catalog 
     Craftmatic Adjustable Bed 
     Craftsman Book Company 
     Crate & Barrel 
     Crazy Cat Lady 
     Crazy Creek 
     Crazy Crow Trading Post 
     Crazy Head Tackle 
     Creative Calligraphy 
     Creative Changes 
     Creative Consumers Products 
     Creative Health Products 
     Creative Learning Institute 
     Creative Playthings 
     Creative Teaching Associates 
     Creole Delicacies Company 
     Crescent Bronze Powder Company 
     Crestline Company 
     Critics Choice Video 
     Crockett Farms 
     Croquet International 
     Crosby Sports (Wonder Puck) 
     Crosman Seed Corporation 
     Cross Educational Software 
     Crossing Pointe 
     Crow's Nest Trading Co. 
     Cryer Creek Kitchens 
     Crystal Farm 
     Crystal Records 
     CUDA Products Corporation 
     Cuddledown of Maine 
     Cumberland General Store 
     Cumberland Valley Nurseries 
     Cumberland Woodcraft 
     Cummings Studio Chocolates 
     Curriculum Associates 
     Cushman's Limited Edition Fruit 
     Custom Logo Watches 
     Custom Radiator Enclosures 
     Custom Technology 
     Custom-Printed Promotional Items 
     CWLA Catalog of Publications 
     Cyber Research 
     Cypress House 
     D&B Sales 
     D&E Pharmaceuticals 
     D. Landreth Seed Company 
     D.S.S. Racing 
     Daedalus Books 
     Dairy Association Company 
     Dakin Farm-Quality Foods 
     Dale Clemens Custom Tackle 
     Daleco Master Breeder Products 
     Da-Lite Screen Company 
     Dallas Mustang Parts 
     Dalton Pavillions 
     Damark International 
     Dan Bailey's Fly Shop 
     Dan Chase 
     Dance Book & Video Catalog 
     Dance Equipment International 
     Dancing Dragon 
     Daniel Smith 
     Daniel Weaver Company 
     Dannemann's Imported Belgian Chocolates 
     Darnell Corporation 
     Darton Archery 
     Dashmat Company 
     Data Comm Warehouse 
     DataCal Direct 
     Datapak Software 
     David Alan Chocolatier 
     David Ford Imports 
     David Morgan 
     David's Novelties 
     Davidson of Dundee 
     Davidson-Wilson Greenhouses 
     Davis and Small's Old Time Signery 
     Davis Design 
     Day One Camouflage 
     Day Timers 
     Daylily World 
     Day-Ray Products 
     Dazor Manufacturing Corporation 
     DBS Highlights 
     Dean & Deluca 
     Debron Aquatics 
     Decorative Hardware Studio 
     Decorators Supply Corporation 
     Deer Creek Products 
     Deer Manage Problems 
     Deerfield Systems 
     Deerskin Trading Post 
     Defender Order Dept. 
     DeGiorgi Seed Company 
     DeGrandchamp's Blueberry Farm 
     Deja Vu Collector's Gallery 
     Del's Japanese Maples 
     Delta Consolidated Industries 
     Delta Education 
     Delta Force 
     Delta Press 
     Denlinger's Publisher's Limited 
     Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproduction 
     Dennis Kirk 
     Denoyer-Geppert Science Company 
     Der Dienst 
     Dercum Audio 
     DeSantis Collection 
     DeSantis Holster Company 
     Desert Rat Off-Road 
     Desert Rose Salsa Company 
     Design & Building Sales 
     Design Originals 
     Design Toscan 
     Design Within Reach 
     Designers Bookstore 
     DeSoto Confectionary & Nut Company 
     Desperate Enterprises 
     Desserts by David Glass 
     Detta's Spindle 
     Deutsch Furniture 
     Devices and Services 
     Dharma Trading Company 
     Diamond Devices 
     Diamond Essence Company 
     Diamond Organics 
     Diamond Pacific 
     Diane Publishing Company 
     Diann's Advertising 
     Dick Cepek Product Catalog 
     Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide Catalog 
     Different Drummer Workshop 
     Digital Video Equipment Company 
     Dilley Manufacturing Company 
     Dillon Precision Products 
     Dinn Brothers Trophies 
     Direct Cinema 
     Direct Promotions 
     Dirt Racer-Summer Brothers 
     Disability Bookshop Catalog 
     Discount Christian Software & Books 
     Discount Gun Books 
     Discovery Channel Video Catalogue 
     Disk World 
     Dismar Corporation 
     Disney Catalog 
     Dispensa-Matic Label Dispenser 
     Distinctive Gifts by Mail 
     Divers Direct 
     Divine Delights 
     Dixie Gun Works 
     Dixon Brothers Woodworking 
     DMI Sports 
     Doctors Foster & Smith 
     Documounts Framing Service 
     Doggie Diamonds 
     Dog's Outfitter 
     Do-It-Yourself Books 
     Doll Domiciles 
     Doll House & Doll Factory Outlet 
     Dollsville Dolls & Bearsville Bears 
     Dolt USA 
     Dom's Outdoor Outfitters 
     Don Aslett's Cleaning Center 
     Don Gleason's Campers Supply 
     Don Mattern 
     Donahue's Greenhouse 
     Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resource 
     Doolings of Santa Fe 
     Dooney & Bourke 
     Doran's Premier Brand 
     Dorfman Jewels 
     Dorman Products     
     Double Exposure Fashion Company 
     Doubleday Book Club 
     Douglas Battery Manufacturing Company 
     Dovetail Communications Technologies 
     Dovetail Designs by Val Love 
     Down East Books 
     Downey Off Road Manufacturing 
     Dr. Leonard's  
     Dr. Possum's World 
     Draper's & Damon's 
     Dress Barn 
     Driftwood Fruit Company 
     Drip and Spray Irrigation 
     Drip Irrigation Catalog 
     Drive Right 
     Drive-Master Corporation 
     Droll Yankees 
     Drums & Percussion 
     Drums Sash & Door Company 
     Ducks, Ducks & More Ducks 
     Dudley's Country Kitchen 
     Dufour Pastry Kitchens 
     Duluth Trading Co. 
     Dumas Products 
     Dunbrooke Sportswear Company 
     Duncraft-Specialties for Birdfeeding 
     Dunns Supply 
     Durham's Tracklements 
     Dutch Gardens 
     Dutch Gardens 
     Dutch Gardens 
     Dutch Maid Bakery 
     Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company 
     Dyna Med 
     DynaLab Corporation 
     Dynamic Systems 
     E. Hille - Angler's Supply House 
     E.C. Kraus Wine & Beermaking Supplies 
     E.M.F. Company 
     E.T. Supply 
     E.T. Wright 
     Early Advantage 
     Early Advantage 
     Early Winters 
     Early's Honey Stand 
     Earth Options 
     Earth Science 
     East Coast Chevy 
     Eastcoast Software 
     Eastern Emblem 
     Eastland Promotional Products 
     Easton Press Leather Bound Books 
     Easy Leaf Products 
     EBA Wholesale Corporation 
     Ebersole Lapidary Supply 
     ECHO Seed Sales 
     Echo/The Wilderness Company 
     Eckler's 1953-2000 Corvette Parts Catalog 
     Ed Fagan 
     Ed Hume Garden Seed 
     Eddie Bauer 
     Eddie Bauer HOME 
     Eddie's Flies & Tackle 
     Edible Landscaping 
     Edimax Computer Company 
     Edinburgh Teddy Bear Fabrics & Supplies 
     Edlieis Electronics 
     Edmund Industrial Optics 
     Edmund Scientific 
     Edmund Scientific Company 
     Edmunds' Roses 
     Edson Corporation 
     Education 2000 Incorporated 
     Education for Employment 
     Educational Lumber 
     EDUCORP Multimedia CD-ROM Catalog 
     EDUCORP Multimedia CD-ROM Catalog 
     Educorp Multimedia CD-ROM Catalog 
     Educorp Multimedia CD-ROM Catalog 
     Edwin Watts Golf 
     Egg by Byrd 
     Egge Machine Company 
     Ehrman Tapestry 
     Eichten's Hidden Acres Cheese Farm 
     Eilenberger's Bakery 
     Eilenberger's Bakery 
     Eisner Bros. 
     Ekone Oyster Company 
     El Capitan Sport Center 
     El Fenix Food & Gift Catalog 
     Elderly Instruments 
     Eldorado Stone Corporation 
     Eldred Wheeler 
     Eldridge Textile Company 
     Election Ideas Campaign Guide 
     Electric Mobility Corporation 
     Electric Time Company 
     Electronic Specialists 
     Electropedic Products 
     Elegant Motors 
     Eleganza Collection 
     Elizabeth Van Buren Aromatherapy 
     Elkhart Cases 
     Ella Bache 
     Ellenburg's Furniture 
     Elmer Hinckley Fishing Tackle 
     Eloxite Wholesale 
     Elra Industries 
     Embossing Arts Company 
     Emco Instock Furniture Catalogue 
     EME Science 
     Emerald Bird Caddy 
     Emerald Film Systems 
     Empak Publishing Company 
     Emperor Clock LLC 
     Empire Books 
     Empire Chestnut Company 
     Empire Imports 
     Empire Woodworks 
     EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) 
     Enchanted Forest 
     Encore Ribbon 
     Energy Panel Structures 
     Energy Savers Catalog 
     Engineered Systems & Designs 
     English Angling Trappings 
     English as a Second Language Catalog 
     Engraving Connection 
     Entertainment You Can Believe In! 
     Environment Friendly Papers 
     Eppinger Manufacturing Company 
     Erlander's Natural Products 
     Ernst Conservation Seeds 
     Esperanza Works 
     Etching & Mirror Decorating 
     Ethan Allen Home Interiors 
     Ethel M Chocolates, Inc. 
     Eugene Ernst Products Company 
     Eureka! Lawrence Hall of Science 
     Eureka!-Lawrence Hall of Science 
     Euro Games 
     Everyday Baby Company 
     Everythin' for the Lilypool 
     Everything for the Lilypool 
     Everything Wireless 
     Everything you Need for a Presentation 
     Ewesful Gifts 
     Excalibur Collection 
     Excalibur Films 
     Excel Technologies 
     Exchange & Outlook 
     Exciting World of K & L Candles 
     Exclusively Weddings 
     Eximious of London 
     Exotic Silks 
     Exoto Tifosi 
     EXPO Design Center (Home Depot) 
     E-Z Bird Dog Training Equipment Company 
     F&H Safety Products 
     F.H. Gillingham & Sons 
     F.W. Byles Company Nursery 
     Fabiano Shoe Company 
     Fabric Center 
     Fabrics for Home & Fabrics for Quilters 
     Fabulous Food & Historic Opera Posters 
     Fabulous Furs 
     Facets Multimedia 
     Factory Direct Furniture 
     Factory Direct Table Pad Company 
     Fahrney's Pens 
     Fahrney's Pens 
     Fahrney's Pen's 
     Faire Harbour, Limited 
     Fairgate Rule Company 
     Fairytale Brownies 
     Faith Mountain Company 
     Family & Consumer Science 
     Family Album 
     Family Heir-Loom Weavers 
     Family Hostel 
     Family Medallion 
     Family PC (Ziff Davis) 
     Famous Barr 
     Famous Barr 
     Famous Fine French Confection Sweet Tooth Candies 
     Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Catalog 
     Fan Fair 
     Fancy Fronds 
     Fannie May Candies 
     Fantagraphics Books 
     Fantasia Confections 
     Fantasies in Lace 
     FAO Schwarz 
     Far More Than a Mustard 
     Farallon USA 
     Faribault Woolen Mills 
     Farm Basket 
     Farmer Seed & Nursery Company 
     Farnam Equipment Company 
     Fascination (Lifestyle) 
     Fashion Fabrics Club 
     Faucet Outlet 
     FC&A MedicalPublishing 
     FD Pet Supply 
     Feather Industries 
     Feather Spring International 
     Feather-Craft Fly Fishing 
     Feathered Friends 
     Fedco Seeds 
     Federal Arms Corporation 
     Feelgood Catalog 
     Fein Power Tools 
     Felix Company 
     Feller U.S. Coporation 
     Femco Corporation/Advantage Tennis Suply 
     Fenton Art Glass Company 
     Ferrara Foods & Confections 
     Fertrell Company 
     Fiber Bilt Cases 
     Fiberglass Trends 
     Fiber-Shield Industries 
     Fiddler's Green Farm 
     Fidelity Direct 
     Fidelity Graphic Arts Catalog 
     Fidelity Office Supplies 
     Field and Forest Products 
     Fieldstone Gardens 
     Fiesta Gift Catalog 
     Figi's Gifts in Good Taste 
     Filling Station 
     Film Classics on Videocassette (1930's - 1950's) 
     Film Technologies International 
     Finch Blueberry Nursery 
     Finchville Farms 
     Findings & Metals 
     Fine Architectural Metalsmiths 
     Fine Art Impressions 
     Fine Tool Journal 
     Finest CD's & LP's 
     Fingerhut Catalog 
     Fire Mountain Gems 
     First Person 
     First Person Singular 
     First Place/Best Care 
     Fish Net Company 
     Fishing Tackle Grab Bag 
     Fitness Systems Manfacturing Corporation 
     Five Star Gardens 
     Flag Fables 
     Flaghouse Furniture Express 
     Flaghouse Physical Education and Recreation 
     Flaghouse Rehab 
     Flags by Chris Reid 
     Flags Unlimited 
     Flap Happy 
     Flatlanders Sculpture Supply 
     Flax Art & Design 
     Flemington Aluminum & Brass 
     Flexbar Machine Corporation 
     Flickinger's Nursery 
     Flirt Fashions of Florida 
     Florentine Craftsmen 
     Florian Ratchet-Cut Pruning Tools 
     Florida Colors Nursery 
     Florida Keys Native Nursery 
     Florida's Indian River Fruit 
     Florist Products 
     Flower Films, Video & T-shirts, Etc. 
     Fly Shop 
     Flyfisher's Paradise 
     Flying Books 
     Focus Electronics & Computers 
     Folbot Corporation 
     Folk Legacy Records 
     Folktale & Story Catalog 
     FollansBee Dock Systems 
     Folsom Louisiana 
     Food for the Poor 
     Foodcrafter's Supply Catalog 
     For Counsel Catalog for Lawyers 
     Forbes Product Corporation 
     Foreign Traders 
     Forever & Always Company L.L.C. 
     Formula Impressions 
     Forrest Keeling Nursery 
     Forster Products 
     Foster & Gallagher 
     Foster Manufacturing Company 
     Foster's Downeast Clambake 
     Foundation for A Course in Miracles 
     Fountain Pen Hospital 
     Four Oaks Farm 
     Four Seasons Books 
     Four Winds Indian Auction 
     Fox Outdoor Products 
     Fox Racing USA 
     Fox Ridge Outfitters 
     Frabjous Originals (Originals) 
     Frank Eastern Company 
     Frank Lewis Alamo Fruits 
     Frank S. Schwarz Gallery 
     Franklin Mint Precision Models 
     Fran's Basket House 
     Fran's Gifts to Go 
     Fraser-Morris Fine Foods 
     Fred Stoker & Sons 
     Frederick's of Hollywood 
     Freed Company 
     Freeda Vitamins 
     Freedom Quilting Bee 
     Freeport Studio 
     French Country Living 
     French Creek Sheep & Wool Company 
     French Meadow Bakery 
     Freshwater Farms 
     Friendship House 
     Frog Tool Company 
     Frostline Kits 
     Frosty Hollow Ecological Restoration 
     Frye's Measure Mill 
     Fuller Brush Catalog 
     Fungi Perfecti 
     Funniest Guys in the World 
     Furniture Designs 
     Furniture Patch of Calabash 
     Furniture Sampler 
     G.B. Ratto & Company 
     G.E. Forge & Tool Works 
     G.H. Meiser & Company 
     G.S. Direct Graphic Supplies Catalog 
     G.T.O. Parts Catalog #390 
     Gadget Universe 
     GAIA Clean Earth Products 
     Gaither Collection 
     Galaxy Tire & Wheel 
     Gale Group 
     Gallery of Gifts by Chalet Suzanne 
     Gamble Music 
     Gambler's Book Shop 
     Gapen's How To & Fishing Mail Order Catalog 
     Garden Botanika 
     Garden City Seeds 
     Garden Concepts Collection 
     Garden Medicinals & Culinaries 
     Garden of Beadin' 
     Garden Place 
     Garden Roses of Distinction 
     Gardener's Catalog 
     Gardeners Eden 
     Gardeners Eden 
     Gardener's Supply 
     Gardener's Supply Company 
     Gardener's Supply Company 
     Gardening Books 
     Gardens Alive 
     Gardens of the Blue Ridge 
     Gardners Dream 
     Garnet Hill 
     Garrett Wade Company 
     Gary Precision Products 
     Gary's Perennials 
     Gaslight Auto Parts 
     Gaslight Time 
     Gaspar's Sausage Company 
     Gates Moore Lighting 
     Gateway 2000 
     Gateways Books & Tapes 
     Gateways Fulfillment 
     Gator Grip 
     Gaylon Distributing 
     Gaylord Bros. Library Reference Catalog 
     Gazin's Cajun Creole Cuisine 
     GC Electronics Full Line Catalog 
     Gear Direct 
     Geary's of Beverly Hills 
     GEI International 
     Genada Imports 
     Gene Michael Productions 
     Genealogical Publishing Company 
     General Supply Corporation 
     Geneva Group of Companies 
     Genoa Systems Corporation 
     Genuine Ivory Artwork, Artifacts, etc. 
     Geo Plus 
     Geode Educational Options 
     Geodesic Airolite Boats 
     George C. Birlant & Company 
     George F. Cram Company 
     George Santelli 
     George W. Park Seed Company 
     George Watts & Son 
     Georges Antiques 
     Georgetown Tobacco & Pipe Store 
     Gerald Fried Display Company 
     Gero Vita Laboratories 
     Get Organized 
     Gethsemani Farms Catalog 
     Gettinger Feather Corporation 
     GH Productions Basket Making Supplies 
     Giant Industrial Corporation 
     Giardinelli Band Instrument Company 
     Gibbsville Cheese Sales 
     Gift & Basket Expressions 
     Gift & Gourmet Shop By Mail 
     Gift Corner Catalog 
     Gift World 
     Gifts for Grandparents & Loved Ones 
     Gifts of Distinction 
     Gilbert H. Wild & Son 
     Gilson Gardens 
     Gimbel & Sons Country Store 
     Gimbel & Sons Country Store 
     Girard Nurseries 
     Glass Boutique 
     Glass Cartoons 
     Glasshouse Works 
     Global Computer Supplies 
     Global Industrial Equipment 
     Global Occupational Safety 
     Global Pigeon Supplies 
     Global Sales Corporation 
     Global Village Imports 
     Globe Pequot Press 
     Glorybee Mail Order 
     Godiva Chocolatier 
     Gold Medal Fun Food Equipment & Supplies 
     Gold Medal Hair Products 
     Gold Violin 
     Goldberg's Marine Distributors 
     Goldblatt Tool Company 
     Golden Age Glassworks 
     Golden Apple Corporation 
     Golden Fleece Designs 
     Golden Genesis Company 
     Golden Kentucky Products 
     Golden Kernel Pecan Company 
     Golden State Pickup Parts 
     Golden Trophy Steaks 
     Golden Valley Lighting 
     Golf Around the World 
     Golf Haus 
     Golf Supply America 
     Golfsmith Store 
     Good Book 
     Good Book Publishing Company 
     Good Catalog 
     Good Catalog Company 
     Goods & Wares 
     Goodwin Creek Gardens 
     Gooseberry Patch 
     Goossen Industries 
     Gopher Sports Equipment 
     Gorham Flag Center 
     Gorsuch Ltd 
     Gospel Advocate Bookstores 
     Gossler Farms Nursery 
     Gougeon Brothers 
     Gourmet Fantasy 
     Gourmet Gardener 
     Grace Tea Company 
     Graceland Gifts 
     Gracious Holiday Gift Giving 
     Graffam Bros. 
     Grafton Village Cheese Company 
     Graham Kracker Baby and Children Bedding 
     Grain Belt Hatchery 
     Gramercy Park Agency 
     Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant 
     Grand Era Reproductions 
     Grand European Tours 
     Grand Finale 
     Grandma's Bake Shoppe 
     Grandma's Spice Shop 
     Granville Country Store 
     Granville Manufacturing Company 
     Grapevine Video 
     Graphics Press 
     Graphik Dimensions 
     Graves Company 
     Graves Lapidary Equipment & Supplies 
     Great American Beer Club 
     Great American Products 
     Great Chefs Television 
     Great Gadgets 
     Great Northern Weaving 
     Great Owl Books 
     Great Skate Hockey Supply Company 
     Great Valley Mills 
     Great Windows 
     Green & Hagstrom 
     Green Briar Jam Kitchen 
     Green Mountain Coffee Roasters 
     Green Mountain Spinnery 
     Green Mountain Sugar House 
     Green Pepper Patterns 
     Green Plant Research 
     Green Thumb Gardening 
     Greenberg Catalogue 
     Greenhaven Press 
     Greenleaf Nursery Company 
     Greenwood Daylily Gardens 
     Greer Gardens 
     Greg Larson Sports 
     Gresham Driving Aids 
     Grey House Publishing 
     Griffin Manufacturing Company 
     Griffith Pottery House 
     Grigsby Cactus Gardens Wish Book 
     Grill Lovers 
     Grinnell Nursery 
     Griot's Garage 
     Grove Gear Industrial Gear Drives 
     Grover Company 
     Gryphon House Early Childhood 
     G's Herbs 
     GSA Schedule 
     Guano Company International 
     Guidance Associates 
     Guide to Good Hosting & Gifts 
     Guide to the Performing Arts 
     Guilford Green Tapes Catalog 
     Guitar & Bass 
     Gulf & Western Manufacturing 
     Gumps By Mail 
     Gun & Home Safe Brochure 
     Gun Dog House Door Company 
     Gun Parts Corporation 
     Gun Video 
     Gurney's Seed & Nursery Company 
     H & B Recording Direct 
     H&H Manufacturing & Supply Company 
     H.A. Guden Company 
     H.F. Esterly Company 
     H.H. Perkins Company 
     H.J. Saunders/US Military Insignia 
     H.W. Wilson Company 
     Habitat Post & Beam 
     Hacker Art Books 
     Hagenow Labs. 
     Hake's Americana & Collectibles 
     Halcyon Yarn 
     Hale Indian River Groves 
     Haley Nursery Company 
     Hamakor Judaica 
     Hamilton Eye Warehouse 
     Hamilton Lace & Trim 
     Hamilton Marine 
     Hamilton New Age/Occult Supplies 
     Hamilton Occult/New Age 
     Hammacher Schlemmer 
     Hammer USA 
     Hammons Pantry 
     Hampshire Pewter Company 
     Handcrafted Treasures 
     Handcrafts Catalog 
     Handicapped Driving Aids of Michigan 
     Handsome Rewards 
     Hanes (One Hanes Place) 
     Hang-It-Now Wallpaper Stores 
     Hank Lee's Magic Factory 
     Hanna Anderson Corporation 
     Hansen Caviar Company 
     Hansen Planetarium 
     Happy Jack 
     Happy Valley Ranch 
     Harbor Candy Shop 
     Harbor Sweets 
     Harco Industries 
     Hard Hat 
     Hard to Find Coins 
     Hard to find Tools (Brookstone) 
     Harden Industries 
     Hard-to-Find Needlework Books 
     Harney & Sons Tea Company 
     Harold B. Weitz & Company 
     Harps of Lorien 
     Harriet Carter 
     Harrington's of Vermont 
     Harris Adacom Corporation 
     Harris Communications 
     Harris Seeds 
     Harrisville Designs 
     Harry & David 
     Harry Lawson Company 
     Harry's Discounts & Appliances Corporation 
     Hartley Film Foundation 
     Hartmann's Plant Company 
     Hartman's Herb Farm 
     Hartville Tool 
     Harvard Apparatus 
     Harvard Coop Insignia Catalog 
     Harvard Square Records 
     Harvest Health Foods 
     Haussmann's Herbs & Naturals 
     Have Book, Will Travel 
     Havlick Snowshoe Company 
     Hawaiiana Traders 
     Hawaii's Flowers 
     Hawkhill Catalog 
     Hazelden Educational Materials 
     Header Parts 
     Health Care 
     Health Center for Better Living 
     Health House USA 
     Health Resource 
     Healthy Living 
     Heard Gardens Limited 
     Hearlihy Drafting 
     Heart Zones Company 
     Heartbeats Catalog: Music to Get Inside Of 
     Hearthside Quilts 
     Heartland America 
     Heath Sedgwick 
     Heavenly Treasures 
     Hecht Rubber Corporation 
     Hegg & Hegg Smoked Salmon 
     Heirloom Editions 
     Heirloom European Tapestries 
     Heirloom Reproductions 
     Hello Direct 
     Heluva Good Cheese 
     HEMCO Corporation 
     Hemming's Catalog 
     Hennessy's Wines & Spirits 
     Henry Field's Seed & Nursery Company 
     Herb & Spice Catalog 
     Herbs for Health (Rodale Press) 
     Heritage Collectors Society 
     Heritage Golf Company 
     Heritage House Gallery 
     Heritage Non-Electric Catalog 
     Heritage Store 
     Heronswood Nursery 
     Hershey's Gift Catalog 
     Hertz Furniture Systems 
     Hewlett Packard 
     HG High Gain Labels 
     Hide & Beak Supply Company 
     High Altitude Gardens 
     High Country Gardens 
     Highland Group Industries 
     Highlander Golf 
     Highlander Golf & Clothing 
     Highlights Catalog 
     Highlights in Percussion 
     High-Lonesome Books 
     Hi-Lift Jack Company 
     Hill Design 
     Hillbilly Smokehouse 
     Hiltary Council House 
     Historic Housefitters Company 
     Historic Newspaper Archives 
     Historical Art Prints 
     Historical Products 
     HMS Associates Optical 
     Hobby House Press 
     Hobby Shack Master Catalog 
     Hobby Tools 
     Hobe Laboratories 
     Hobie Cat Catalog 
     Hodge Manufacturing Company 
     Hodges Badge Company 
     Hoegger Supply Company 
     Hohm Press 
     Holabird Sports 
     Hold Everything 
     Holiday Gourmet Giftables 
     Holland Wildflower Farm 
     Holly Dale Nursery 
     Holly Nicolas Nursing Collection 
     Holts Tobacconist 
     Holum & Sons Company 
     Home Builder Bookstore Catalog 
     Home Collection (Good Catalog) 
     Home Decorators Collection 
     Home Economics Catalog 
     Home Focus 
     Home Marketplace 
     Home Planners 
     Home Trends 
     Home Visions 
     Homecraft Veneer & Woodworker's Supplies 
     Homespun Tapes Music Instruction 
     Honey Baked Ham Company 
     Honey of a Catalog 
     Honey of a Gift 
     Honors Military 
     Hook & Hackle Company 
     Hooleon Corporation 
     Hoop House Greenhouse Kit 
     Hopewell Production 
     Hopkins Medical Products 
     Horchow Collection 
     Horchow Garden 
     Horchow Home 
     Horizon Dart Supply 
     Horizons Technology 
     Horse Hollow Press Incorporated 
     Horst Company 
     Horticultural Supply Catalog 
     Horton Brasses 
     Horton's Smoked Seafoods 
     Hot Cotton 
     Hot Rod & Custom Supply 
     House Dressing 
     House Mouse Designs 
     House of Arts 
     House of Conception Abbey 
     House of Crafts Stuff 
     House of David 
     House of Fragrances 
     House of Oldies 
     House of Onyx 
     House of Spices 
     House of Troy 
     How to Make Money with Computers 
     Howard Hill Archery 
     Howerton Antique Reproductions 
     Hoya Crystal 
     HR Direct 
     Hubbard Harpsichords Catalog 
     Hubbard Peanut Company 
     Huckleberry Haven 
     Hudson Glass 
     hulbert financial digest 
     Humane Trophies 
     Humanized Solutions 
     Humboldt Manufacturing 
     Humboldt Manufacturing Company 
     Hummul Flier 
     Hunt Country Foods 
     Hunt Galleries 
     Hunters Angling Supplies 
     Hurley Patentee Manor & Lighting 
     Hurov's Seeds & Botanicals 
     Hustler Erotic Video Guide 
     HUT Products 
     Hyatt Fruit Company 
     Hydraulic Jack Parts and Tools 
     Hydraulic Parts Supply 

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