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Stop Junk Mail. Sign Up To Stop Catalogs, Magazines, Direct mail or other unwanted and unneeded junk mail coming via the post office

Stop the following Junk Mail, Catalogs, Direct Marketing

Go to PaperKarma Stop The Junk Mail service which allows users to selectively remove themselves from retail catalog mailing lists, magazine, direct mail and other unwanted and unneeded junk mail. Since a variety of catalogs bombard us at different times of the year with junk mail, users pay  for a one-year, unlimited use membership to stop junk mail. The membership allows users to make unlimited site visits to stop junk mail and cancel catalog solicitations.

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Stop Junk Mail

Once one finishes selecting catalogs to stop and junk mail to stop, they proceed to "checkout" where basic credit card information is provided and a charge is assessed. Subsequent visits are free for one year.

Ones privacy is paramount on the site while stopping junk mail. Information is transmitted via secure server and credit card information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption software. Credit card information is purged from our systems as soon as legally permissible. User information necessary for repeat visits to stop junk mail is stored on our secure servers. User information that stop junk mail on the site is neither sold nor distributed to any third party other than the catalog companies from which the user has requested mailing list removal or stopping junk mail.

Stop Junk Mail

Once a user elects to stop a catalog, stop junk mail, or stop direct marketing, the purveyor is sent a legally drafted "Mailing List Removal Notice" pursuant to United States Code 39 U.S.C. ÔŅĹ3008 . Also the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act went into affect in July 1st 2001. The company has 75 days to comply, after which, the user may re-access the site and generate a "Second Notice" to stop junk mail Second notices to stop junk mail carry with them a higher penalty for failure to comply under the United States Post Office Prohibitory Notice regulations. We expect virtually all catalog companies to comply with first notices to stop junk mail. Given the penalties for improper solicitation, any failures that do occur will likely be due to clerical mistakes rather than mal-intent.

Below are list of Companies that are available to stop:

Stop Junk Mail For Catalogs A-B:

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     A Common Reader 
     A J Prindle 
     A Photographer's Place 
     A&D Bookstore & Supply 
     A&E Manufacturing Company 
     A. Chatila & Company 
     A. Feibusch Corporation 
     A.G. Russell Knives 
     A.G.A. Correa 
     A.I. Friedman 
     A.J.P. Coppersmith & Company 
     A.M. Braswell, Jr. Food Company 
     A.M. Leonard 
     A.R.E. Press 
     A.R.T. Studio Clay Company 
     A.S.L. Associates 
     A.W. Enterprises 
     A-1 Automatic Transmissions 
     A1A Sportswear 
     AA Abbingdon 
     AARP Pharmacy Service Catalog 
     Abbeon Cal & Plastics Working 
     Abbey Garden Cactus 
     Abbey Press 
     ABC Vacuum Cleaner Warehouse 
     Abercrombie & Fitch 
     Able Engravers 
     Able National Corporation 
     About Music Catalog 
     Abracadata Product Catalog 
     Absolute Amenities 
     Abundant Life Seed Foundation 
     Accent Books & Products 
     Access Industries 
     Access Russia & Central Europe 
     Accessory Center 
     Accu Bite 
     Accu Trak Tool Corporation 
     Accurate Metal Weather Strip Company 
     Accu-Time Systems 
     Ace Luggage & Gifts 
     Acme Manufacturing Company 
     Acoustic Sounds 
     Acro Office Supply 
     ACS Publications 
     Action Air Parachutes 
     Active Parenting Publishers Catalog 
     Adagent Acres 
     Adam and Eve 
     Adams Architectural Wood Products 
     Adams County Nursery 
     Adams Milling Company 
     ADDCO Anti-Sway Bar Handling Kits 
     Ad-Lib Publications 
     Adoption Book Catalog 
     Advance Adapters 
     Advance Automation Company 
     Advance Spectacle 
     Advanced Computer Products 
     Advanced Hunting Equipment 
     Advanced Kiefer Systems 
     Advanced Machinery 
     Advantage Tennis Supply 
     Adventure Travel Preview 
     Adventures in Cassettes 
     Advertising Ideas Company 
     Aerial Lift 
     Aerie Design 
     Aero Store Corporation 
     AFCO Products 
     Affordable Computer Software 
     After the Stork 
     AfterTouch-New Music Discoveries 
     Aged Woods 
     Agio Designs 
     Agricultural Sciences 
     AGS Company 
     Agway Catalog Service 
     Aidell's Sausage Company 
     AIM Manufacturing Company 
     Airbrush Bible 
     Aircraft Spruce & Specialty 
     Airline International Luggage & Gifts 
     AJ Fine Foods 
     AJ Prindle 
     AJ's Four Wheel Drive Center 
     Akers Ski 
     Akteo Watch Catalog 
     Ala Art 
     Alan Marcus & Company 
     Alarm & Signal Systems 
     Alaska Premier Charters 
     Alaska Wild Berry Products 
     Albert S. Smyth Company 
     Alberts & Merkel Bros. 
     Albion Engineering Company 
     Albright Seed Company 
     Albritton Fruit Company 
     Alden Films 
     Alden Rowing Shells 
     Alex G. Malloy - Antiques 
     Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf 
     Alexander's Collectors Items 
     Alexandra Avery Purely Natural Body Care 
     Alfa Electronics 
     Alfred Angelo 
     Alfred's Brewing Supply 
     Algoma Net Company 
     Algy Collection 
     All About Feet 
     All About Texas 
     Alldata Corporation 
     Allen Plant Company 
     Allen, Sterling & Lothrop 
     Allen's Basketworks 
     Allen's Berry Book 
     Allied Specialty Company 
     Allison Corporation 
     Allworth Press 
     Aloha Tropicals 
     Alpen Gardens 
     Alpha Supply 
     Alpine Aire Foods 
     Al's Farm Toys 
     Al's Luggage 
     Alternatives (Mountain Home Publishing) 
     AlterYears for the Costumer 
     Altimate Medical 
     Altman's Mens Shoes and Boots 
     Always Something Brilliant 
     Am Jet Enterprises 
     Amador Flower Farm 
     Amana Society Meat Shop 
     Amazing Electronic Devices 
     Amazon Dry Goods 
     Ambergate Gardens 
     American Arborist Supplies 
     American Art Clay Company 
     American Bass 
     American Bronzing Company 
     American Clockmaker 
     American Coin & Stamp Brokerage 
     American Country Catalog 
     American Custom Millwork 
     American Daylily 
     American Energy Technologies 
     American Folk Toys 
     American Frame Handbook 
     American Furniture Design 
     American Gem Supply 
     American Geological Institute 
     American Girl 
     American Gourmet 
     American Health Food 
     American Health Service Magnetics 
     American Home Stencils 
     American Home Supply 
     American Homeowners Foundation 
     American International Pacific 
     American Map Corporation 
     American Media 
     American Microsystems 
     American Needlewoman 
     American Ornamental Corporation 
     American Period Collection 
     American Pie 
     American Playground Corporation 
     American Power Conversion 
     American Printing House for the Blind 
     American Sales & Manufacturing 
     American Science & Surplus 
     American Science and Surplus 
     American Site Furniture 
     American Slide-Chart Corporation 
     American Society of Clinical Pathologists 
     American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
     American Speed 
     American Spoon Foods 
     American Sports Network 
     American Stationery 
     American Ultraviolet Company 
     American Van Equipment 
     American Wedding Album 
     American Wood Column Corporation 
     America's Foremost Sporting Books 
     America's Hobby Center 
     America's Pet Door Store 
     Ames Avenue 
     Amherst Woodworking & Supply 
     Amigo Product Selection Guide 
     Amish Country Keepsakes 
     AMS Imports 
     Anaheim Patio & Fireside 
     Analytical Measurements 
     Analytical Scientific 
     Anchor Industries 
     Anchor Specialties 
     Anderson Archery 
     Anderson Investors' Software 
     Anderson Pulley Seal 
     Anderson Ultimate Bed 
     Anderson-McQuid Company 
     Anderson's Prom & Party 
     Andre' Bollier 
     Andy Bernbaum's Auto Parts 
     Andy's Front Hall 
     Angels Plus 
     Anglers Supply House 
     Animal Health 
     Animal Veterinary Products 
     Animation Advertising Art 
     Animazing Gallery Animation Art 
     Ann Morris Enterprises 
     Anne Powell 
     Annie Bryan Gifts 
     Annie's Moccasins 
     Antheil Booksellers 
     Anthony Richards 
     Antique Electronic Supply 
     Antique Hardware and Home 
     Antique Phonograph Supply 
     Antique Quilt Source 
     Antique Rose Emporium 
     Any Mountain 
     API Outdoors 
     Aplets and cotlets (Liberty Orchards) 
     Apple Farm 
     Applewood Seed and Garden Group 
     Applied Botanicals 
     Applied Instruments 
     Applied Vocational/Technical Catalog 
     Apricot Farm 
     April Victoria 
     Apt Technology 
     Aquarius Distributors 
     Aquatic Eco-Systems 
     Aquatic Specialists 
     Aquatic Supply House 
     Arben Stamp Company 
     Architectural Antiques Exchange 
     Architectural Components 
     Architectural Paneling 
     Archival Quality Materials 
     Archival Storage Materials 
     Arctic Glass & Window Outlet 
     Arctic Sheepskin 
     Ardleigh Elliott 
     Argus Sound Stage & Electronics 
     Arhoolie Records 
     Armies of the Past 
     Armor Systems 
     Arnold Grossman Company 
     Aroma Therapeutix 
     Arrow Engineering 
     Arrow Engineering Company 
     Arsco Manufacturing Company 
     Art & Artifact 
     Art Coco Chocolate Company 
     Art Direction Book Company 
     Art Elements 
     Art Materials Service 
     Art of the Paperweight 
     Art Supply Warehouse 
     Art Video Productions 
     Artful Fish 
     Arthur Brown International Pen Catalog 
     Artisan/Santa Fe 
     Artistic Greetings 
     Artistry in Veneers 
     Arts and Crafts 
     As We Change 
     Ashgate Publishing Company 
     Asia Blue 
     Asia Transpacific Journeys 
     Asian Sources Fashion Accessories 
     Asian Sources Media Group 
     Aslan Publishing 
     ASM International Publications Catalog 
     Aspen Mulling Spices 
     Associated Global Industries 
     Associated Tennis Suppliers 
     Astec Company 
     Aster American Gift Collection 
     Astor Chocolate Corporation 
     Astronomical Soc. of the Pacific 
     Astronomy/Space & Geology/Earth Science 
     Astrup Company 
     At Home - Company Store 
     Atkinson's Country House 
     Atlanta Cutlery Corporation 
     Atlanta Thread & Supply 
     Atlantic Edge 
     Atlantic Fitness Products 
     Atlantic Recycled Paper Company 
     Atlas Specialty Lighting 
     Attar Herbs & Spices 
     Audio by Van Alstine 
     Audio House 
     Aunt B's Homemade Delights Company 
     Auromere Ayurvedic Imports 
     Australian Catalogue Company 
     Authorized ADP Schedule Price List 
     Auto Custom Carpets 
     Auto Hardware Specialties 
     Auto Interiors & Accessories 
     Auto Krafters 
     Auto Mat Company 
     Auto Miniatures 
     Automobile Atlanta 
     Automobile Quarterly 
     Automotive Airfilters 
     Automotive Systems Group 
     Aux Delices Des Bois 
     Auxilary Truck Accessories 
     AV Marketplace 
     Avalanche of Wonder 
     Avalon Hill Game Company 
     Avalon Switch Plate Covers 
     Aviation Art of Joe Milich 
     Avirex Aviator's Club 
     AVW Equipment Company 
     A-Wall Building Systems 
     Award Company of America 
     Awards & Trophies 
     Awesome Impressions 
     Axner Company 
     Aztekakti/Desertland Nursery 
     B&B Food Products 
     B&B Honey Farm 
     B&D Lilies 
     B&R Industrial Automation Corporation 
     B.A. Mason 
     B.A. Pargh Company 
     B.C. Air Originals 
     B.G. Micro 
     Baby Clothes Wholesale 
     Baby Love Products/Kidalog 
     Baby-Go-To-Sleep Products 
     Back to Basics Soft-Wear 
     Back To Basics Toys 
     Backdrop Outlet 
     Backroads-Bicycling Vacations 
     BackSaver Products Company 
     Badali Jewelry 
     Badger Air-Brush Company 
     Bailey Manufacturing Company 
     Baird Company 
     Baldwin Hill Bakery 
     Bale Company 
     Ballard Designs 
     Ballistic Products 
     Baltazor Fabrics and Laces 
     Bamboo & Rattan Works 
     Bamert Seed Company 
     Banana Tree 
     Bangkok Industrial 
     Banner Source 
     Barco Type Manufacturing Company 
     Barely Nothings Lingerie 
     Bargain Book Warehouse 
     Barjan Products 
     Barker Candle Supplies 
     Barnie's Coffee & Tea Company 
     Baron/Barclay Bridge Supplies 
     Barrie Pace 
     Bartlett Manufacturing Company 
     Bart's Watersports Catalog 
     Bas Bleu Inc. 
     Basil Street Gallery of London 
     Bass Pro Shops 
     Bates Leathers Catalog 
     Bavarian Autosport 
     Bayless Fiat Lancia World Collectors Restoration 
     BDL Homeware 
     Beacon Hill Press 
     Bead Chain Tackle 
     Bean Bag Georgetown Square Store 
     Bear Creek Nursery 
     Bear Meadow Farm 
     Beau Ties of Vermont 
     Beauty Boutique 
     Beauty Trends 
     Beaver Creek Nursery 
     Beaverite Products 
     Beaverton Foods 
     Beckmann Boatshop 
     Beckson Marine 
     Bed Bath and Beyond 
     Bed Rizer 
     Bedford Fair 
     Bedlam Architectural Metal 
     Beehive Botanicals 
     Beer & Winemaking Cellar 
     Beer and Wine Hobby 
     Bel-Art Products 
     Bell Fuel Additives & Lubricants 
     Bellows House Bakery 
     Below Wholesale Magazines 
     Bemidji Woolen Mills 
     Ben Pearson Archery 
     Bencone Uniforms 
     Beneficial Insectary 
     BeneFit Cosmetics 
     Benjane Arts-Seashells 
     Benny's Woodworks 
     Bentley-Myers Intl (\Vancouver Natural Products) 
     Beran Company 
     Berea College Student Craft Industries 
     Berg Precision Mechanical Components 
     Berger Brothers Camera & Video Exchange 
     Berkebile Oil Company 
     Berkshire Record Outlet 
     Berlin Glove Company 
     Berlin Glove/ Midwestern 
     Berman Leathercraft 
     Bernie's Discount Center 
     Berridge Manufacturing Company 
     Bersted's Hobby Craft 
     Best Care Pet Catalog 
     Best Impressions 
     Best Rafting Vacations in the West 
     Beth's Farm Kitchen 
     Beverly Hills Fashions 
     Beverly Records and Costumes 
     Bible in Living Sound 
     Bible Research Systems 
     Biblical Archaeology Society Press 
     Bickford Flavors 
     Bicycle Tools 
     Big Band CD Store Catalog 
     Big Stuff 
     Bike Nashbar 
     Bilgore Groves 
     Bill Egleston 
     Bill Rogers Running Center 
     Biltmore Estate Direct 
     Biodex Medical Systems 
     Birchwood Casey 
     Birkenstock Central 
     Birkett Mills 
     Birthday Express 
     Bizzaro Rubber Stamps 
     Black Box Corporation 
     Black Diamond Equipment 
     Black Dog Catalog 
     Black Heritage, Language & Music Catalog 
     Black Knight 
     Black Watch 
     Blackstone AudioBooks 
     Blackstone Industries 
     Blackwelder's Resource Book 
     Blair Corporation 
     Blair Shop 
     Blair Shoppe Home Products 
     Blake Industries 
     Blazer International Corporation 
     Blenko Glass Company 
     Bloomingdale's by Mail 
     Blue Crab Bay Tastes of Chesapeake Bay 
     Blue Fox Tackle 
     Blue Heron Fruit Shippers 
     Blue Ridge Machinery & Tools 
     Blue River Trading Company 
     Boater's World Marine Centers 
     Bob Jacklin's Fly Shop 
     Bob Richards-Secrets of Motivation 
     Bob Sharp Racing Parts & Accessories 
     Bob Wells Nursery 
     Bob's Automobilia 
     Bob's Brownstone Brownies 
     Bob's Gun Parts 
     Bob's Superstrong Greenhouse Plastics 
     Body Time 
     Boehm Porcelain 
     Boetje Foods 
     Bombay Company 
     Bon Marche (The Bon Marche) 
     Bonneville Industrial Supply Company 
     Bonnie Bowman Archery 
     Book & Boat Designs 
     Book Publishing Information Kit 
     Books for Your Business 
     Books of Wonder News 
     Books on Ghosts & Hauntings 
     Books On Tape 
     Boonton Wear 
     Borbeleta Gardens 
     Bosom Buddies 
     Boston & Winthrop 
     Boston Proper 
     Botanic Choice 
     Bottelson Dart Company 
     Boudin Gifts 
     Boudin Sourdough Gifts 
     Boulter Plywood Corporation 
     Boundary Waters Catalog 
     Bountiful Gardens 
     Bounty Hunter 
     Bourget Bros. Jewelers Tools & Supplies 
     Bowhunters Warehouse 
     Bowie Industries 
     Boy Scouts of America 
     Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers 
     Bradford Exchange 
     Bradley's Custom Blended Tobacco 
     Braid-Aid Fabrics 
     Bramen Company 
     Brandon Industries 
     Branford Bike 
     Brass Knob 
     Brass Light Gallery 
     Brass Lion 
     Braun Corporation 
     Breck's Catalog 
     Brent & Sam's Cookies 
     Brentwood Manor 
     Bretford Manufacturing 
     Brew City Supplies 
     Brewery Shop 
     Brian F. Leo Custom Hardware 
     Brian Jenner 
     Bridals International 
     Bridge City Tool Works 
     Bridge Kitchenware Corporation 
     Brigade Quartermasters, Limited 
     Brigitte's Brownies 
     Brigittine Monks Gourmet Confections 
     BRI-SON Wallets 
     Brite Start 
     British Regalia Imports 
     British Video Collection 
     Brittingham Plant Farms 
     Broadbent's B&B Food Products 
     Broadway Collection 
     Broadway-Hollywood Recordings 
     Broder Brothers Company 
     Broken Arrow Ranch 
     Brooke Distributors 
     Brookhollow Human Resources 
     Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 
     Brooks Books 
     Brooks Brothers 
     Brooks Country Cycling Tours 
     Brookstone Collections 
     Brown House Dolls 
     Brownell Holly Farms 
     Brown's Omaha Plant Farms 
     Brownstone Studio 
     BRS Direct 
     Bruce Horkey Cabinetry 
     Bruce Manufacturing 
     Bruno Independent Living Aids 
     Brunton Company 
     Brushy Mountain Bee Farm 
     Brylane Home 
     B-Square Company 
     Buchanan Hollow Nut Company 
     Buck & Buck Clothing 
     Buck Musical Instrument Products 
     Buckeye Beans & Herbs 
     Bud K Worldwide 
     Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog 
     Buehler Scope Mounts 
     Buffalo Catalog 
     Buffalo Industries 
     Bundle of Joy 
     Bunnies By the Bay and Friends 
     Bunting Magnetics Company 
     Burdoch Victorian Lamp Company 
     Burford Brothers 
     Burgers' Smokehouse 
     Burgess Seed and Plant Company 
     Burley Design Cooperative 
     Burpee Garden Catalog 
     Burrell's Better Seeds 
     Bus Boys Master Catalog 
     Bushwalker Manufacturing 
     Business & Institutional Furniture Company 
     Business Computers & Supplies 
     Business Technologies 
     Busse Gardens 
     Butler Distributing Company 
     Butterfly Celebration 
     Butterfly Video 
     Butterick Company 
     Butternut Mountain Farm 
     Button Shop 
     Byrd Cookie Company 
     Byrom International 

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