Helpful Hints on Cost - Queenstown New Zealand

General Costs in New Zealand Dollars


An airfare to Auckland New Zealand from the US West Coast will run you about USD1100. Airlines that fly direct to New Zealand include Air New Zealand, Qantas and United Airlines. The flight is a 12 hour flight direct and New Zealand is between 16 and 18 hours ahead of the US West Coast depending upon the season.

Conversion Rate:

The Conversion rate guide can be found on Yahoo Finance Currency Exchange for the latest rates.


Because you are in the tourist area food prices are slightly elevated but a general supermarket food visit for stocking up will run you about $80 for essentials, such as fruit, veggies, meat, milk, bread, butter, cheese, snacks.

Stamps $0.70 for a post card overseas.

Ski Ticket

$54.00 per day At The Remarkables and Coronet Peak, but there are cheaper deals if you get a 5 out of 7 day pass.

$45 per day at Cardrona as it is owned and operated by a separate company.

Activities (Just to give you an idea.)

Bungy Jumping, about $100 per jump

Parapenting, about $100 per jump

Round of Golf, approx. $40 at Millbrook and Kelvin Heights, there is a public course for less.


There are many many restaurants in Queenstown, about 60 all together. They cater to just about any type of taste, from Japanese Sushi to local to American Tex-Mex, pizza, Italian and many others. Seafood is also a specialty in Queenstown as Japanese visitors love seafood.

An average meal will cost about $25 per person not including alcohol. A more expensive restaurant may range between $50-100 per person and these are normally licensed establishments.

Most restaurants are also BYOB (bring your own booze). You can pick up a bottle of nice wine from between $10-15 and a 6 pack for approx. $8-10. There are many good local NZ wines and beers to choose from.

Pubs and Bars

There are also many pubs and bars in town. A beer (large) will run you about $3.50 a draft and $4.50 per bottle. There is also a local brewery at a cost per pint of $5-6.

You can buy beer and wine, etc in either local supermarkets or at the local LiquorLand establishments.

Rental Cars

Many of the larger car rental businesses are situated at the airport and in town, Budget, Avis, Hertz. Prices range from $55-120 per day for a large station wagon or 4WD vehicle.

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